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The man before the man Video and presentation

summary: Describes the scientific discoveries that show that early humans (Homo habilis) emerged from bipedal ancestors 4 million years ago and are identifiable in the fossil record as early as 2 million years ago.
Author: Daniel Turbón

Video and presentationHuman genetic diversity 100,000 years ago 

summary: Human palaeogenetic studies based on mitochondrial DNA are described, as well as studies of Neanderthals, with special emphasis on the study of Denisovans and their relationships with other branches of the human lineage.
Author: Daniel Turbón

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The origin of man. Current state of paleoanthropological research.   

summary: I.INTRODUCTION. II.PRELIMINARY ISSUES. 1. The fossil record. 2. The dating of fossils. 3. The biological notion of species. 4. status of man within the animal kingdom. III.FOSSILS OF UPPER PRIMATE NON-HOMANIDS. 1. Family Hylobatidae. 2. Family Pongidae. 3. Ramapithecus. IV. FOSSILIES OF HOMINIDS. 1. Most important findings. 2. Australopithecus. 3. The genus Horno. a) Horno habilis. b) Horno erectus. c) Horno sapiens. 4. The problem of identification and ascription of hominid fossils. 5. Main hypotheses about the phylogeny of hominids. V. MAN. 1. The oldest cultural traces: more than two million years old. 2. 2. Human colonisation. 3. Polyphyletism and monophyletism: monogenism. 4. Hominisation and humanisation: a hypothesis.
Author: Rafael Jordana

Homo floresiensis. The great little mystery of human evolution

summary: A first part makes a summary of the rapid changes in the evolutionary panorama of man, as new remains are discovered over the few that are known, and a second part details the finding, its significance for the human evolutionary panorama and the perspectives that are opening up.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

Human genetic diversity 100,000 years ago 

Author: Daniel Turbón

The uncertainty of human phylogenies

summary: Difficulties in establishing human phylogenies: to establish phyletic relationships, to determine palaeospecies, the precariousness of the fossil record, and intellectual a prioris.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

Our cousins the Denisovans 

summary: About 40,000 years ago three Humanities occupied the Earth: homo sapiens, neanderthals and denisovans, a group of which nothing was known and from which we inherited part of the immune system.
Author: Jesús Rubio