Course focused on Matlab + Python programming

Matlab + Python Programming Course

Teacher: Ángel Garcimartín Montero

academic load: 5 ECTS credit

Essential: Laptop

Dates: From 13 September to 15 December, at schedule in the afternoon (17:00h).

Hours: 50

Dates of Admissions Office: End of deadline of application of Admissions Office: 25th August. Resolution of the Admissions Office 29th August.

Aimed at: Students of doctorate of area of Sciences, professionals of the University of Navarra and of CIMA, and external professionals of the University of Navarra.

Price: Pending. Discounts of 75% for employees of the University of Navarra and 80% for PIF of the University of Navarra.

goal: Be able to write programs to process quantitative data , extract information and present it in a condensed form.

Observations of the course: It is necessary to have a basic programming knowledge . If you do not have it, it will be necessary to take the "Zero Course" of programming. For more information, please write to Cristina Morales(