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Student representation

Student representation

Students elect their center and course representatives by voting. For the 2023-2024 academic year, the following have been elected as ISSA School of Applied Management representatives: Andrea Velasquez Ortigosa, delegate; and Camila Álvarez Sosa, subdelegate.


  • He acts as an interlocutor and information channel between the students, the coordinator of the course and the management committee of the School.

  • It evaluates teaching every six months by means of a report, in which it makes observations and proposals for improvement.

  • Organises Cultural Activities Office, academic and sporting events.

  • He represents the students at the school's teachers' meetings.

You can send your suggestions, complaints or proposals by e-mail to

In view of the conference proceedings submitted to this Office by the respective Election Boards and once the contents of rule 11th of the Call for the Election of Course Representatives have been satisfied, the following Course Councilors are hereby proclaimed for the current year 2023-2024:  


Delegate: Laia Bononad
Deputy: Imanol Tapia
Counselor: Sonsoles Fernández
Counselor: Alaia Gómez
Board Member: Marien Jiménez
Board Member: framework Ferrer
Board Member: Gaizka Arotzarena


Delegate: Camila Álvarez Sosa
Subdelegate: Jimena Núñez Cantu
Board Member: Camilo Cambronero
Board Member: Leyre Carrascosa
Board Member: Ana Blanco


Delegate: Andrea Velásquez
Subdelegate: Lucía Pérez de Ciriza
Board Member: Bosco Goicolea
Board Member: Saioa Moreno


Delegate: Marta Luzán
Deputy: Paula Albizu
Counselor: Ana Moreno-Calvo
Board Member: Cecilia García Núñez
Board Member: Miren Aznárez


Student Representation at the University

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