Find out about our courses and seminars

Find out about our courses and seminars

Students will be able to recognise up to a maximum of 6 optional ECTS credit that accredit their participation in Cultural Activities Office, sports, student representation, solidarity and cooperation activities organised by the School, the University or the Halls of Residence and previously approved.


Activities offered for the academic year 2023-2024

Club for Degree Marketing students looking to complement their professional training and staff.

Teachers responsible: Jorge del Río

Duration: 40 hours. Annual.


- Create a professional connection between members with both various industry experts and faculty at Degree.

- Strengthen the knowledge provided by the School and give it more application internship.

- Have a positive impact on the training staff of students; fostering the importance of work teamwork and diversity.

- Encourage creative and strategic thinking to participate in challenges and competitions.

- Strengthen relationships with alumni who can mentor students.

Credits: 1 ECTS credit

Economic cost: 15 euros / semester. 30 euros / full course. Make the payment

requirements to become a member of the Club:

  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students.

  • Motivation letter reflecting your interest in creativity and innovation.

To be able to validate qualification the ECTS credit:

  • Responsible and serious attitude.

  • Participate in 80% of the sessions.

  • Participate in 85% of the challenges/competitions proposed.

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Radio Universidad de Navarra offers the possibility of collaborating with its programming through radio programs / podcasts that deal with the current affairs of campus, of FcomUNAV, in partnership with the association of University Radios as well as by the initiative of the students themselves. It will depend on their previous training . It is also proposed to collaborate in production or social networks.

Teacher manager: Eva Lus

issue of credits: 1 ECTS credit by semester (dedication of 30 hours).

Program of activities: 3 ways.

  1. Content production.

  2. Sound production/editing.

  3. Social networks and web support.

Calendar: from September to the end of November and from January to the end of April (excluding exam periods). Adaptable to the needs of the students.

issue of places: maximum 25 students.

There is a line of innovation in education of the Core curriculum that links learning to the reading of great books, the pretension of this seminar is to do something doubly small: to work on (difficult) stories of the last fifty years* and to associate this work to reading, to the learning of writing and even to the literary trends in the world panorama.

Professor manager: José Antonio Pérez Aguirre

issue minimum hours of dedication of student: 24 hours

12 hours of reading and analysis or writing staff, spread over twelve weeks.
12 hours of meeting at group for the sharing of the reading (or writing from the reading).
reading). Spread over 12 sessions, one every two weeks.

Duration: Annual

Credits: 1 ECTS credit

Financial cost: None

requirements18 students in 2nd, 3rd and, exceptionally, 4th grade who have demonstrated their ability in reading or writing fiction (COE1, COE2 and Fundamentals of Storytelling).


*The list of authors (pending the choice final of the stories): Atwood (Canada), Canin (USA), Calcedo (Spain), Davies (Great Britain), Eggers (USA), Gautreaux (USA), Homes (USA), Lahiri (USA), Moshfegh (USA), Munro (Canada), Stamm (Switzerland).

Aimed at 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students. The goal is to offer a complementary training to the official Study program for the most intellectually and creatively restless students.

Teachers in charge: Efrén Cuevas and María del Rincón.

issue approximate number of attendees: 30 students.

Duration: annual. Ten sessions in the first semester and ten in the second.

Dedication of the student: The ordinary sessions will have a duration of approximately 1 hour. Short written exercises related to the subject matter of seminar will be requested.

Valid for 1 ECTS credit.

The regular sessions would be dedicated to the commentary of readings previously done. 

registrationfree of charge. 

This activity seeks to promote the journalistic culture among the student body through a permanent seminar of formative and complementary character to curriculum. It seeks to propose strategies, reflections, readings and references to the world of journalism in a context of media crisis.

Professor manager: Miguel Ángel Jimeno

issue of proposed credits: 1 ECTS credit

Schedule: weekly one-hour meetings, from the beginning of October to the end of April.

issue of students: without limit of places, students of Degrees of Journalism and Doubles with FyL and Audiovisual Communication.

In this 2023-2024 course, the seminar Plano/Contraplano: cine en el MUN engages in a dialogue with Vik Muniz's exhibition Flora Industrialis. The core of the Brazilian artist's photographs seeks to breathe life into what is dead, creating tension between the image and what is represented. In order to expand meeting with Muniz's photographs, the film series Adorable Lies. The truth shines in cinema which consists of two screenings and two conferences: Primer Plano ( 1990), by Abbas Kiarostami, with a session at position by Professor Pablo Echart; and Despertando a la vida (2001), by Richard Linklater, with a session at position by film critic Sergi Sánchez. 


  • Opening session of seminar. schedule to be determined.

  • visit guided to the exhibition Flora Industrialis, by Vik Muniz. Price: 3 euros. schedule to be determined.

  • attendance to the film series Plano/Contraplano at the MUN. Adorable lies. The truth shines in the cinema. There will be two sessions: 


18:00, MUN Amphitheatre 

entrance free for UNAV students

Screening: Awakening to Life, by Richard Linklater (2001). VOSE

lecture: Sergi Sánchez. Film critic


18:00, MUN Amphitheatre

entrance free for UNAV students

Screening: Close-up, by Abbas Kiarostami (1990). VOSE

lecture: Pablo Echart. Professor at the School of Communication, University of Navarra

  • Sharing of work Final seminar. schedule to be determined.

Teacher manager: María Noguera

issue of hours of dedication of student: 25 hours (1 ECTS credit)


requirements: None

Economic cost: 3 euros


Artistic Management is a theoretical-practical seminar focused on the management of artistic and musical talent, as well as on its development in the different cultural markets. It has an eminently professionalizing character and an international approach .

Aimed at: 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students of Audiovisual Communication and Marketing.

Places: maximum 30.

Calendar and schedule of classes: Second semester. 8 Fridays from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

Valid for 1 ECTS credit: 16 classroom hours, 10 from work of student.

Teacher: Isabel Villanueva Benito.

RA: Pablo Echart.

Price: 50 euros. Make the payment.

The Memorial Center for Victims of Terrorism and the Victims of Terrorism Foundation are promoting the celebration of a one and a half day workshop to address the role of journalism in the coverage and elaboration of the story of terrorism. Reporters who have covered terrorist phenomena of different etiology and at different times, those responsible for documentaries that have addressed the terrorist phenomenon, academics and victims are expected to participate.

The students will work on promotion, organization of the tables, attention to the speakers, preparation of accreditations and coverage in social networks.

semester: 1º.

Dates: September 10 to October 10

issue of hours: 30 hours

Location: School of Communication, University of Navarra, Spain

Promoters: Memorial Center for Victims of Terrorism and Victims of Terrorism Foundation.

Professor manager: María Jiménez Ramos

issue of students: 3