Find out about our courses and seminars

Find out about our courses and seminars

Students will be able to recognise up to a maximum of 6 optional ECTS credit that accredit their participation in Cultural Activities Office, sports, student representation, solidarity and cooperation activities organised by the School, the University or the Halls of Residence and previously approved.


Activities offered for the academic year 2022-2023

Club for Degree Marketing students looking to complement their professional training and staff.

Professors in charge: Jorge del Río and Jürg Kaufmann

Duration: 40 hours. Annual.


- Create a professional connection between members with both various industry experts and faculty at Degree.

- Strengthen the knowledge provided by the School and give it more application internship.

- Have a positive impact on the training staff of students; fostering the importance of work teamwork and diversity.

- Encourage creative and strategic thinking to participate in challenges and competitions.

- Strengthen relationships with alumni who can mentor students.

Credits: 1 ECTS credit

Economic cost: 15 euros / semester. 30 euros / full course. Make the payment

requirements to become a member of the Club:

  • average: minimum of 7.

  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students.

To be able to validate qualification the ECTS credit:

  • Responsible and serious attitude.

  • Participate in 80% of the sessions.

  • Participate in 85% of the challenges/competitions proposed.

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Radio Universidad de Navarra offers the possibility of collaborating with its programming - beyond the ordinary teaching - through the weekly programs produced with association de Radios Universitarias (ARU).

Teacher manager: Eva Lus

issue of credits: 1 ECTS credit by semester (dedication of 30 hours).

Program of activities: 3 ways.

  1. Content production for ARU's collaborative projects: Euroconexión (with the European Parliament) and ARU News.

  2. Student volunteer programs.

  3. Support for the realization of internships in different subjects (especially Radio Communication).

Planned timetable: in correspondence with the 3 roads.

  1. For ARU projects: 1 person 2.5 hours per week. Adaptable.

  2. validate qualification For voluntary programs: depending on the proposal content, a semi-annual credit , for example, could be sent to director and producer.

  3. For the support to realization: 1 person 3 hours per week. Adaptable.

Total of the proposal: between 4 (minimum) and 7 students.

seminar room which aims to meet the demands of those students interested in developing their professional degree program in the field of sports information. The theoretical subject on various contents (Olympism, the sports chronicle, blogs and social networks in sports journalism, etc.) is complemented by several sessions at position of well-known professionals. Combining theory, sessions with guests and some practical tasks, the student acquires the necessary skills to perform an optimal journalistic work in relation to sport.

Professor manager: José Javier Sánchez Aranda

issue of hours of dedication of student: 10 classroom sessions and 15 hours of practical activities.

semester: 1st and 2nd

requirementsStudents enrolled at the University of Navarra

Credits: 1 ECTS credit

Financial cost: 85 euros. For students enrolled in previous years, the amount will be 80 euros.

registration: administrative office from School of Communication (

deadlineuntil Friday, September 30. They have to submit filled in the corresponding form and pay the enrollment in a maximum of three days deadline . Otherwise, it will be understood that you decide not to participate in the course.

The film programming of the Museo Universidad de Navarra (MUN) is degree scroll Plano/Contraplano in allusion to the most common way of filming a dialogue. This element of filmic syntax underscores the interdisciplinary conversation between the
interdisciplinary conversation that takes place between cinema and the other artistic proposals embodied in the different exhibitions that the MUN hosts each season.

The seminar room Plano/Contraplano: cine en el MUN is based on the museum's film program and explores the thematic, narrative and aesthetic ties that link film with other art forms of an expository nature.

The seminar room Plano/Contraplano: cinema at MUN includes the following activities:

  • Two guided tours (one at each semester) of the MUN exhibitions (4 hours)

  • attendance to the two film cycles (one at each semester) of the MUN (8 hours)

  • seminar room interdisciplinary seminar on cinema and museums (6 hours)

  • Elaboration and sharing of alternative film programming for the MUN (7 hours)

Teacher manager: María Noguera

issue of hours of dedication of student: 25 hours (1 ECTS credit)

semester: 1st and 2nd

requirements: None

Financial cost: None

There is a line from innovation in education of the Core curriculum that links learning to reading great books.

The purpose is to work on (difficult) stories from the last fifty years and to associate this work with reading, learning to write and even with literary trends on the world scene.

Professor manager: José Antonio Pérez Aguirre

issue minimum hours of dedication of student: 24 hours

Duration: Annual

Credits: 1 ECTS credit

Financial cost: None