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Since its origins, School has had a strong international vocation.

Since its origins, School Communication has had an intense international vocation. Since its early years, it has always had the presence of students from different geographical origins and an active academic staff in the main international forums and associations in the field of communication.

It was also a pioneer in Spain in offering a visionary programme in response to the new communication needs of the global world in which we live, the International average Program, the seed of the current Bilingual Programme, whose aim is to train future communication professionals with a global and markedly international perspective.

From the Service of International Office we assist international students and teachers who come to our classrooms and our students interested in living an international experience.

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Journalism Daniel Dols

"Interning in Miami has allowed me to reaffirm that the journalist is the link between the character-protagonist and the audience".


Audiovisual José Diego Poggio

"Leaving opens your eyes to other ways of understanding the university and the world, but it also allows you to appreciate what you have had until then".


Marketing Rodrigo Rubio

"It is a privilege to share so much time with students from all over the world. It enriches me culturally and personally and makes me grow in respect and tolerance".


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Currently, the School of Communication offers its students the possibility to study a semester of its degree program in universities in four continents: Europe, Asia, America and Oceania.

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