Letter from the Dean

Letter from the Dean


Dear friends:

Welcome to the School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra.

Concepción Naval, Dean of the School of Education and PsychologySince its origins, the University has been attentive to the concerns of the society of which it is a part, and it has tried to ensure that the work of those of us who form part of this project, professor, researcher and assistance, is reflected in it. The School of Education and Psychology fully shares this mission, always with a love of freedom and responsibility, which is the basic principle of academic and professional life, research work and welfare activity.

The School has as mission statement promote the training of educators, teachers and psychologists who will shape the future, inspired by the ideals that the University of Navarra wants to transmit. Among these ideals is to educate in the critical capacity that allows each person to freely form his or her own opinions and convictions in a climate of pluralism and the search for truth.

The School Education and Psychology is made up of about 1000 members, including academic staff, researchers, administrative and service staff, and student body. Our full-time academic staff have doctoral degrees, are accredited by external agencies and are committed to the development of knowledge education and psychology, as well as to the transformation of society. In addition, a high percentage of them have been accredited by National Agency for Assessment of Quality and Accreditation as Full Professors and Professors. This allows them to teach and carry out quality research. The result of this is, among other publications, the journal Estudios sobre Educación, which since 2007 has been indexed in important scientific data instructions , in particular in ISI Web of Knowledge - Social Science Citation Index - Thomson Reuters (USA), JCR and SCOPUS - Elsevier (Holland).

Over the last 50 years, first as department of Education and since 2014-15 as School of Education and Psychology, many young people have chosen to carry out their university education with us. Today, as a result of this trust, the studies of Pedagogy, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and Psychology are included in this School which was born with the desire to contribute to society.

In addition to the studies of Degree, the School offers four Master programmes: "University Master in Marriage and Family", "University Master in academic staff", "University Master in Educational and Psychological Intervention" (also the double Master with MUP) and "University Master in General Health Psychology". As a complement to these Master's Programmes, there is the doctoral program in Education and Psychology which is part of the Doctoral School of the University of Navarra. The first doctoral dissertation in Education was defended in 1972. Since then, doctoral theses have been defended on different subjects, supported by the various research projects that have taken place and continue to take place, covering a wide range of topics in the field of educational and psychology. From the beginning, research at School Education and Psychology has been open to questions of foundation, as well as to international outreach, collaborating in the training of doctoral students from Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

It is impossible to cover in these few lines the quality and variety of the initiatives that take place at School. This presentation serves only as an invitation to enter our portal and get to know first hand what more than 45 years of history have made of this centre.

Welcome, welcome.

Concepción Naval

Dean of the School of Education and Psychology