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Aplicaciones anidadas

¡Bienvenidos y bienvenidas a la Facultad de Educación y Psicología de la Universidad de Navarra!

Welcome to School of Education and Psychology at the University of Navarra!


Dean of the School of Education and Psychology


The School aims to train professionals of the Education and psychology with a solid humanistic training focused on the person, able to develop an effective professional work in the school, social, organizational, clinical and health care settings. All this inspired and driven by the ideals that the University of Navarra wants to transmit.

The School offers the Degrees of Pedagogy, Teaching of Education Infant, Teaching of Education Primary and Psychology. If during the programs of study of Degree you are interested in extending the training there are different options.

In the field of Education we offer the double Degrees in Pedagogy and Teaching of Education Infant; and in Pedagogy and Teaching of Education Primary; the specialization in Attention to diversity, which prepares to help children with specific support needs educational; the specialization in Education Physical Education, which enables students of Education Primary to become teachers specializing in the field of recreational physical activity and active leisure in schools; the Diploma of Education international IB, which enables them to practice the teaching in more than 5000 schools of the Organization of high school diploma International; and the Diploma DECA, which qualifies to exercise the religious teaching in schools.

In the field of Psychology, the accredited specialization in Health Psychology is common to all the curricular paths of Degree. It is also possible to opt for different specializations: the pathway and accredited specialization in Clinical and Health Psychology, which intensifies the professionalizing training in clinical psychology; the pathway and accredited specialization in Psychology of work and Organizations, which prepares for the development and transformation of people, teams and organizations; and the pathway and accredited specialization in Educational Psychology, which broadens the training in psycho-educational intervention in formal, non-formal and informal educational contexts.

In addition to the programs of study of Degree, the School offers four programs of Master's Degree: Master's Degree University in Marriage and Family, Master's Degree University in academic staff, Master's Degree University in Educational and Psychological Intervention and Master's Degree University in General Health Psychology. A Double Master's Degree in Educational and Psychological Intervention and academic staff of Secondary Education is also offered. As a complement to these programs of Master's Degree, going a step further, there is the doctoral program in Education and Psychology.

We are aware that the professional work that students will perform in the future demands that our programs of study provide a solid theoretical training internship . To achieve this purpose we have teachers who carry out a rigorous research in different educational and psychological areas, with professionals coming from the internship and with a wide internship opportunities national and international in educational centers, companies, in the field of health and social field. We also have a simulation center that helps to improve the skills of our students by working on real cases. All this formative work is given in a context of personalized attention and attention to the student.

In final, we seek to encourage our student body towards the world of work by providing them with a quality theoretical training internship , oriented to the continuous improvement of our programs and focused on the service to people and society. This task can only be undertaken thanks to the partnership, dedication and commitment of all the people who make up this School.