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The School of Education and Psychology has as a priority the international development both in its offer professor and in the professional future of its students.

Through agreements with foreign universities, School offers students, professors and researchers the opportunity to carry out international stays to gain academic experience and staff in other countries, to improve their language skills and to develop new techniques research.

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Ismael Sánchez Bella Building

31009 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 425 600

Fax: +34 948 42 56 19

Aplicaciones anidadas

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Go on exchange 

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

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International experience plays a key role in higher education. Fluency in several languages and experience of living abroad is becoming increasingly important when it comes to finding an attractive work space or pursuing postgraduate studies.

With the main goal to train professionally and humanly to be able to work in a global environment, the School of Education and Psychology, through its Office of International Office, offers its students the possibility of studying part of the program of programs of study in any of the foreign universities with which it maintains agreement of exchange Erasmus and International.


The purpose of the Office of International Office of the School of Education and Psychology is to inform students about requirements and the necessary procedures to access one of the exchange places. Attention is also paid to the financial aspect of travel, providing information on Erasmus grants. Finally, the Office also deals with the recognition and validation of studies taken abroad.

There is an internal academic rules and regulations that regulates the conditions of access to the Exchange Programme, its procedure, academic validation and other aspects related to this programme mobility.

This rules and regulations can be found at available on the guide Exchange, which will be accessible after the briefing.


  • November-December

    • attend to the general information meeting on exchange. The date of this session will be announced through the social media at School and via email in early November.

    • attend to the specific briefing on destinations and application process

    • Read the exchange guide

  • January

    • On-line exchange application

    • Nominations

  • February-March

    • Erasmus Information Session for students going abroad in Europe

    • learning agreement preliminary

  • May-July

    • Letter of acceptance of the host university

    • Visa management, accommodation and scholarships

    • enrollment at the University of Navarra

For apply for the exchange requires fill in an form which will be accessible after the information session in November. 

section After the December session, the destinations with their different requirements

  • Get to know different cultures, people and grow in experiences.

  • Learning to work in an intercultural and international context.

  • Encourage initiative, entrepreneurial spirit and adaptation to new situations.

  • Improve communication skills in a language other than the mother tongue language .

  • Improve your CV for future employment or studies at postgraduate program.

  • Learning new academic methodologies.

  • To grow in independence and self-management.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Conoce nuestros convenios

Find out about our agreements

aviso alumnos iintercambio

Students who want to go to exchange should be informed of the steps to follow before taking the exams of the 1st semester of the second course. The exchange will be requested after the Christmas break. Theexchange will be on the first semester of the 3rd course of degree program.



Those who will be going to apply for the exchange in a non-Spanish speaking country will be asked to certify their level of English with the TOEFL test. This certificate must be submitted along with the application of the destinations of exchange that is sent in the month of January.

As a guideline, please refer to score for the TOEFL required depending on the country of destination, although you will have to look up year by year exactly what specific requirement is requested for each university in the table of destinations posted in the ADI:


Korea, Japan, etc.


Singapore, Hong Kong



The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Norway, Finland


Italy, Croatia, Portugal


Greece, Croatia, Lithuania, Poland





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It is possible to make a agreement with other universities that are not reflected in this list. The proposal should be sent to

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Aplicaciones anidadas

banderas free movers itt ire


Venir de intercambio

Coming from exchange 

Aplicaciones anidadas

tex venir

The University of Navarra welcomes a large number of foreign students each year who come to study here for a semester or a year through an exchange program.

The School of Education and Psychology aims to offer quality teaching and relevant research for the world we live in today. The School provides an enriching experience to students who wish to carry out a semester or full year on our Campus.

If you are studying at a partner university you can come to the University of Navarra as an Exchange student. If you are an European student this will usually be through the Erasmus+ scheme.

If your home university does not have an Exchange agreement with us, you can still come to the University of Navarra as a free mover. This involves a different procedure.

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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

Free Movers tit

Free Movers  


If your university does not have a agreement with the School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra you can apply for the Admissions Office as a free mover or extraordinary student. This program allows you to take a full semester (1st: September 1 to December 21; 2nd: January 7 to June 30) or academic year (September 1 to June 30) at the University of Navarra, as long as you pay the expenses of enrollment

At the end of your stay at programs of study, you will receive an official certificate which allows you to transfer the credits you have earned back to your home university.


Good handling of Spanish. The teaching is mainly taught in Spanish. The University of Navarra offers through the high school of language and Culture in Spanish the possibility for all visiting students to take the semester-long subject Spanish grammar course. This subject in its different levels is offered at schedule in the middle of the day. You must have successfully completed at least one year of university (two semesters) at your home university.

  • Contact the Office of International Office of your university to make sure that credits as a free mover can be valid for validation.

  • Contact the Office of International Office of the School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra at the following e-mail and confirm your intention to participate in this programme.

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of their academic performance, level of language and other merits. Participants can select up to a value of 30 ECTS credit credit 30 per semester.

  • For apply for the Admissions Office as a student free mover or extraordinary, you will need the following documents:

  • Fill in the application

  • Copy of passport photo                     

  • Copy of passport 

  • Transcript Academic        

Please send the documents before the deadline, to the Office of International Office of the School of Education and Psychology. No application will be accepted outside of deadline.

Aplicaciones anidadas

International Teacher Training Elective (ITT) tit

 International Teacher Training Elective (ITT)  

tex itt

The School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra offers an exciting opportunity for student-teachers to spend 1 up to 2 months working with children from 3 to 12 years old at different workshops held at the University of Navarra's Museum

Throughout different techniques and active-collaborative based learning methodologies, the student will work hand by hand with the educational team of the Museum. 

Each program is adapted to the visiting schools and educational level. These workshops can either take place at the Museum, located in our campus, or in a virtual classroom through digital tools.

Participants serve as assistant teachers, gaining practical experience of classroom management and education in Spain. ITT Elective can take place both in Spanish or English* and it is offered at either first or second semester. It can also be included as one or more subjects for a semester in our School.

* A minimum of a B2.2 level will be required for either language


More info

a. You must be selected and nominated to us by your home university (for partner Universities)

b. Complete our online application form. Supporting documentation must be uploaded before submitting your application.  

  • Scanned colour passport-type photo

  • Scanned Passport

  • Transcripts of Records

We will contact you once the application has been reviewed. Please make sure contact details are clear. Any international enquiries address to:

In order to be considered for a Teacher Training Elective you must meet the entry requirements. We would recommend that you ensure you are able to meet all of these requirements before applying.

The School of Education and Psychology regrets that any applicants who do not meet the entry requirements will not be considered for a place. Opportunities for overseas elective students are therefore limited.

The ITTE is a training subject included in the Course Catalog for Exchange Students at the School of Education and Psychology. Therefore, to take part in it, your university must have an agreement with the University of Navarra and you have to be selected and nominated to us by your home university. Contact your international office to get information about requirements and procedure to apply as an exchange student at the University of Navarra. You can also check the steps you need to follow as an incoming student on our website.  

If your university does not have an agreement with us, please, contact the corresponding school to apply as a free mover student.


  • International Teacher Training Elective I (6ECTS)

  • International Teacher Training Elective II (6ECTS)


  • International Teacher Training Elective III (6ECTS)

  • International Teacher Training Elective IV (6ECTS)

Aplicaciones anidadas

International Research Elective (IRE) tit

 International Research Elective

ire tex

The School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra offers an exciting opportunity for students to form part of a research group and improve basic research skills.

Participants serve as assistant researchers, gaining practical experience of projects. Students can apply for a specific project. Admission will depend on the project needs and availability.

Students will be assessed accordingly. Home institutions will specify supervision and assessment requirements if different. All assessment requirements should be provided by home institution in advance.

Entry Requirements

In order to be considered for an International Research Elective you must fulfill basic requirements. We would recommend that you ensure you are able to meet all of these requirements before applying.


Students must have sufficient level of English or Spanish to be able to work within the team. Language will depend on the project.

Students must present an updates cv with their application. Students will be interviewed prior to acceptance.

In order for the elective to be certified, all research placements must be organised in collaboration with the International office at your home institution. Students are regarded as exchange students and count towards the balance in the student exchange agreement signed with individual institutions.


This subject elective subject is intended for exchange students (Erasmus and other countries) who want to investigate the basics of research through internship. The subject allows the student to participate as partner in a group of research and to develop basic research competences through work in a team. 

Character: elective subject

ECTS credit: 12

Year and semester: 3rd and 4th grades

language: English/Spanish

Content: Systematic observation and analysis of contexts/ Fundamentals of research

Teachers: Personalised allocation to PIs