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Aplicaciones anidadas


Do you want to collaborate in the training of the doctors of the future?

We want to help those students who dream of becoming doctors, have an excellent academic record at transcript but have limited financial resources. high school diploma but have limited financial resources. That is why we have set up the Profesor Jiménez Vargas scholarships. A programme promoted with the partnership of alumni and friends of the School that help us to be able to grant more scholarships every year. Will you join us?


Aplicaciones anidadas


Ana Lozano, former student


Ana Lozanoformer student of the School de Medicina (MED'19)

"All this is possible thanks to people who are betting on us".

From a very early age, in the 3rd year of ESO, I decided that I wanted to study medicine. I knew what it entailed: a lot of pressure, a lot of work and, not only along the degree program, but also to get into it. Then there was also the financial topic .

What a great joy when they told me that I would be able to enjoy a scholarship and come here to study! What a joy for my parents too! To think that all this has been possible thanks to the generosity of people who are committed to us, to our future, and without expecting anything in return is amazing!


In figures

We aim to award 5 scholarships each year


Up to 70% of the amount of the enrollment


During the 6 years of the Degree


Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


"The scholarships are named after our first Dean. It is to his university spirit and his unstinting generosity that we owe much of what we are. He is an example for new generations of doctors, who will have to overcome many obstacles to serve others through our profession.

Marta Ferrer, Dean of School of Medicine



Marta Ferrer, dean of the School of Medicine

Aplicaciones anidadas


Juan Jiménez Vargas, a life devoted to teaching

In 1954, Dr. Jiménez Vargas moved to Pamplona when he was appointed the first Dean of the School of Medicine. This meant leaving his Chair at the University of Barcelona, his team of collaborators and his instrumental and bibliographic resources, and his fruitful academic work, to start from scratch, in Pamplona, a School of Medicine.

During his time as the first Dean (1954-1962) he set up the instructions for the development of the School and of the academic and welfare activities of the University. Clínica Universidad de Navarra. Released from Office of the Dean, he devoted his full capacity to academic work. He taught more than forty graduating classes and 8,000 students, directing around fifty doctoral thesis . He published more than one hundred and fifty articles on experimental research and a dozen monographs.


Juan Jiménez Vargas



Why collaborate?


Improving society

In accordance with the wishes of its founder, the University has an explicit purpose of service and aims to contribute to the material and moral improvement of society.


Good doctors are needed

The pandemic has highlighted the need for excellent professionals working in the service of society and striving to improve the lives of the sick and their families.


Create opportunities for talented young people

Because it can make the dream of many talented young people without the necessary resources come true.


Promotes the integral training of the student

Because it will support the School on its project, not only oriented to training in knowledge, but also in values, skills and behaviours.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

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