Why #MedUNAV

Since 1954, the mission of the School de Medicina has been to create and cultivate a university community, a meeting point for meeting students and professors, where students acquire the most advanced medical knowledge, with a profound respect for the dignity of their patients, and which enables them to development medical and scientific knowledge with a mentality of service to society and the world.



10 reasons to study at #MedUNAV.


Teaching linked to Research and the attendance Clinic

The School of Medicine is closely linked to the Clínica Universidad de Navarra and the research center Applied Medicine (CIMA). Together, they make up the Biomedical Campus of the University of Navarra and form the pillars on which the academic proposal of #MedUNAV is based.


International Vocation

Every year, students from Europe, Asia, the USA and Latin America enrol at School . In addition, a considerable number of students carry out clinical rotations in different countries around the world thanks to the agreements for internships in first class hospitals in the USA, Asia and Europe.


Simulation Centre

Its fundamental mission is to provide student with state-of-the-art standardised practical training in a controlled and safe environment and to enhance medical training. In addition, it provides training in unusual clinical situations, allows the performance of procedures in scenarios that recreate critical situations, and reinforces teamwork and self-directed learning.


First Level Hospitals

Students receive an unparalleled clinical overview, thanks to rotations in a wide range of hospitals and medical centres: large public and private hospitals, national, regional and county referral hospitals, as well as general, specialised and primary care centres.


Personalised treatment

Each student has, from the moment he/she joins School of Medicine, the support of an academic mentor or advisor . In the third year they are assigned a clinical tutor that will help them financial aid to achieve the objectives of their medical training.


Technological Innovation

tool study support that serves to reinforce concepts and evaluate them following the methodology of the Internal Medical Resident exam (spanish medical residency program).

UNAV Evalua
This state-of-the-art application codifies the evaluation of all the clinical skills and competences that the student body has to acquire throughout the internship.


project Comprehensive University

The University of Navarra offers a comprehensive education at project . For this reason, Medicine students can combine their studies with activities that help them develop their artistic, musical, sporting, cultural or social talents.


Global Network, Global Career

The University of Navarra's network of medical graduates is made up of more than 12,000 alumni working around the world. Thanks to their support, our students can more easily build a professional career in multiple countries, especially in Europe and the USA.


University City

The University of Navarra's campus has a surface area of 113 hectares, 40% of which is mottled green with more than 3,800 trees. The campus is in Pamplona, a university city, close to the sea and the Pyrenees, with a very high level of security and which is committed to sectors with a great future, such as renewable energy and biomedicine.



In a globalised world, university rankings are a tool that provide interesting information about institutions and allow them to be compared with each other. Recurrently, both the University of Navarra as a whole and School of Medicine in particular appear in prominent positions, both nationally and internationally.


Clinical Case Competition

Do you want to live a previous medical university experience?

Participate in the Clinical Case Competition - Premedical Division, it will give you the opportunity to prove that you really want to be part of the only profession that has never changed its core business: people.

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