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The School de Enfermería also offers international students an experience at campus in Pamplona. For this reason, it offers incomings students a range of programs in Spanish and English, with which to experience nursing in Spain.

Aplicaciones anidadas


Six-monthly exchange

Aplicaciones anidadas


Thanks to the agreements that the School has with other international academic institutions, students who wish to do so can come to study in Pamplona in the following time periods:
→ First semester: September-December
→ Second semester: January-May


-Subjects: visit our Study program

This course is open to all undergraduates of partners' universities who would like to spend a semester at the Faculty of Nursing of the University of Navarra and to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture.

The International student can choose between undergraduate curriculum taught in Spanish and the following subjects taught in English:

What is a ECTS credit?:
1 ECTS credit is equivalent to 25-30 hours of student work (including lectures, seminars and exams).
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Additionally, International Students may apply to attend any of the more than 180 subjects of different disciplines that the University of Navarra offers in English (Economics, Law, Communication, Humanities, Pharmacy, Sciences, Medicine, Architecture and Engineering). The admission will depend on the places available for each course and/or knowledge level requirement.

Duration: 4-5 months


- 1st Semester: From 1 September to 20 December

- 2nd Semester: From 8 January to 16 May

Spanish Requirements: "DELE Intermedio" (according to "high school Cervantes") it is equivalent to Level B2 (according to Common European Framework of Reference).

Institute of Spanish Language and Culture
During externship at the University of Navarra, students could improve their level of Spanish at the Institute of Spanish Language and Culture of the University of Navarra (ILCE). ILCE is a delegated center of the Cervantes Institute, which offers linguistic courses in Spanish. There are ordinary courses, summer courses and tailor-made courses.

Please, consult fees, dates and types of courses on their web.

Aplicaciones anidadas


Clinical Practice

Aplicaciones anidadas


This course is open to students from Degree of partner universities. The assignment of area will be previously agreed between both institutions. In order to take full advantage of this experience, it is recommended that students who wish to participate have completed the 2nd year of the nursing program Degree .


For four weeks between May and August.

Before October 15th fill out the "form de application /Application Form" and attach the requested documentation. It is necessary to have or certify a B2 level of Spanish.

You will receive two uniforms and an identification badge on the day you start your internship. The student is manager of the footwear, which must be white, closed and non-slip.

Aplicaciones anidadas


Nursing Summer School


An opportunity for international nursing students to participate in a one-week program of annual nursing summer schools. The chance to learn about and critically analyze health care systems and the current challenges for nursing profession, in an intercultural context. The NSS provides a thorough historical, sociopolitical, and cultural perspective on health and health care services in Spain.

The experience of working alongside nursing students from different countries and contexts.

The academic program focuses on offering the students a global and international vision of the challenges that present-day professional nurses face, specifically in Spain and at the University of Navarra. The salutogenic perspective in mental health; nurses in the average; promoting a healthy university; advance practice nursing; person-centred care; will be presented on the course. Likewise, students will have a simulated clinical experience.