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Aplicaciones anidadas



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Aplicaciones anidadas

desplegable-regimen de estudios

The enrollmentis carried out only once a year, and once it has been formalised it is irrevocable. deadlineHowever, within 10 days of its formalisation, students who allege a just and proportionate cause may make a change to their registration. It is advisable to read carefully the reportof enrollmentwhich lists the subjects in which the studenthas been enrolled; if an error is detected, it should be rectified as soon as possible (on the spot, if possible), and in any case before the aforementioned deadlineof 10 days has elapsed. After that deadline, any modification of the enrollmentmust be raised by means of written request, providing the reasons that recommend it.

In the enrollmentof each academic yearstudents must, first of all, include the core and compulsory subjects not passed in previous years.

In order to complete the optional credits, students must enrol in optional subjects from Study programof their degree program, provided that they have been offered.

The enrollmentmust be formalised in a minimum of 40 credits and a maximum of 78 credits (with a tolerance of 2 credits, both minimum and maximum).

On some Degrees there may be certain conditions for access to some courses or to the second half of Degree:

- at Degrees in Audiovisual Communication, Journalism and advertising and Public Relations, to enrol in subjects in the second year, it is necessary to pass at least 30 credits with those of the first year; and it is necessary to pass at least 96 credits in the first half of Degree to gain access to the second half.

- at Degree of Architecture, the enrolment of students with failed subjects of the propaedeutic block (Mathematics, Physics, Geometry, Architectural Drawing, Analysis of Forms and Elements of Composition) will be conditioned by the academic performance obtained in the previous year.

- at Degree de Edificación, The enrolment of students with failed subjects from the propaedeutic block (Mathematics, Physics, Geometry, Graphic Expression and Materials) will be conditioned by the academic performance obtained in the previous year.

Students in the first year of Degree in Nursing who have not obtained a minimum of 30 ETCS in compulsory or basic subjects in all the calls of a academic year , will not be able to continue their programs of study in Degree in Nursing.

Students may sit a maximum of four sittings of assessment(two sittings per academic year) at each subject, except as indicated in n. 6, for which the programs of study cannot be continued. Those who do not manage to approvea subjectafter the third sitting must apply forthe extension to two more sittings; the applicationmust be formalised within the month following the publication of the grades of the third sitting, by means of a reasoned written requestaddressed to Deanor director of the centre.

 The enrollmentin each subjectentails the right to the assessments of the ordinary and extraordinary call, in the academic yearfor which it is formalised. Some subjects or tests (required in some cases to complete the degree program) may only have one sitting, as established by Study program.

Students may not waive, at their own discretion, the convocations of assessment, but it is possible to obtain a waiver of those that are impossible to attend for duly justified reasons, and alleged by means of written request addressed to Dean or director of the center within the deadlines established for each course. Those who obtain Withdrawal of convocation in a subject will not be able to attend -irrevocably- the corresponding exam.

Resignations obtained only produce academic effects and, therefore, do not entail the total or partial cancellation of the enrollmentand only have an effect on the call of assessmentand the corresponding subject; consequently, they do not have any economic effects either.

In cases where it is possible to change degree, it is necessary to apply to the centre responsible for the studies, which will decide on agreement according to the criteria it has established.

Those wishing to transfer their transcript to another university should apply for and obtain admission to the degree course they will be pursuing.

Students who are missing a maximum of 30 credits to complete degree programwhen they register at enrollmentcan take part in a special examination in December, in which they must take all the subjects. These students must proceed in one of the following two ways:

register at deadline agreement according to the calendar of enrollment; then, in mid-November, they must register for the special end-of-year call degree program;

register at deadline established specifically for these students, deadline which usually opens in mid-November.

Transcripts can only refer to subjects for which conference proceedings has been registered on Office of the Registrar; i.e. conference proceedings signed by the teacher and which have been entrance on Office of the Registrar.

Applications for academic qualifications can only be accepted when all the conference proceedings necessary to fill in the programs of study of the applicant have been registered on the Office of the Registrar , from agreement with its Study program. Only if this condition is fulfilled, the application will be accepted for processing and the receipt with proof of payment of the fee for issuing the degree scroll can be issued.

Aplicaciones anidadas