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Russell G. Wilcox presents discussion paper at the University of Navarra

Author: Russell G. Wilcox
Published at: classroom 1 of the University of Navarra's School of Ecclesiastical Studies
Date of publication: 27 February 2009

Russell Wilcox, researcher from England who divides his time between London and Oxford, and whose main interests are related to Natural Law, philosophical anthropology and intercultural diversity, gave a lecture at lecture entitled "Nature, Language, and Human Sciences", to professors and students of the University of Navarra. The lecture dealt with the relationship between the knowledge of human nature and the normative ordering of society from an Aristotelian-Thomistic perspective.

One of the central arguments of his discussion paper was the following: "consideration of the precepts of Natural Law is necessary to preserve the integrity of the system of human action as a whole".

Wilcox addressed the topic of Natural Law and human action by drawing on the Thomistic tradition and, at the same time, on the work of the American linguist Noam Chomsky and the German philosopher Jurgen Habermas.

The event was mainly attended by students and professors from the fields of Philosophy and law. The discussion paper, which was given in English, was followed by a lively and constructive colloquium on the issues raised at discussion paper. The lecture, organised by the group of research Cryf, was supported by sponsorship of the Templeton Foundation.