Master's Degree students from the School participate in Recruiting Day

Manuela Trómpiz, student of Master's Degree University of Architecture, tells how she lived the experience.

"On Thursday, March 7, the long-awaited event for the students of Master's Degree in architecture arrived: the Recruiting Day. It gathered around 50 companies at the University of Navarra's postgraduate program headquarters in Madrid, with the purpose to interview the students of Master's Degree. The main goal of this workshop was for students to get at least one internship opportunities to advance in their professional training .

The seminars and meeting rooms were filled with representatives from programs of study and companies eager to hire talent, as well as students willing to show their best to get a job opportunity. It was an exciting day, with most students participating in multiple interviews in a short amount of time. Nervousness could be felt in the hallways of the headquarters, but the students managed to face it with determination.

The workshop began at ten o'clock in the morning with the first interviews, organized in pre-assigned shifts. Each offer was open to three candidates, so it was crucial for the students to highlight how they could contribute to the success of business in order to be selected among their peers. This dynamic posed the big question: what can I contribute to your business?

Among the companies and programs of study present that day were prominent names such as Adam Bresnick Architects, 3g Office, Estudio Cano Lasso Arquitectos, AECOM, ALMAR Consulting, Andcompany, Arpe Studio, Burgos y Garrido A.A., CBRE España, Clikalia, Coll-Barreu Arquitectos, Cushman and Wakefield, EY, Deloitte, Ercer, Fernández Molina, Metropoli Group, Arup, GCA Architects, Ivestrock, Inversiva, Israel Alba, L35 Architects and Mecanismo, among others. A division was noted among the students: some had aspirations in the business world and opted for firms such as CBRE or Deloitte; others had a preference for the field of architecture and sought opportunities at programs of study such as Estudio Cano Lasso Arquitectos or GCA Architects. Some students decided to apply to firms in both fields.


In general, the atmosphere during the event was calmer than expected. In most cases, the interviewers were calm and there was an atmosphere of transparency and trust. In my particular case, I had the opportunity to interview at two programs of study and, in both cases, the interviewers showed an open and friendly attitude.

The workshop concluded with the closing of all interviews, leaving students and companies satisfied with the development of the event. Some students received immediate offers, while others agreed to second interviews. In my opinion, Recruiting Day is a valuable opportunity for Master's Degree students to experience a selection process job, relieving some of the pressure of having more than one offer on the table."


Text written by: Manuela Trómpiz, student of Master's Degree University of Architecture (MUA)


Recruiting Day

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