(almost) anonymous tools 2.0

The students had to deconstruct an everyday object from the general to the individual components.

The project intended to dwell on the possibilities of everyday objects, those that are within our reach on a daily basis and that we unconsciously use without paying the slightest attention to their design.

The search proposal had for goal to deepen in the value of these objects from a curious and attentive look. It was not simply a matter of delving into the formal values of the object, but also to discover the "guts" of it, paying special attention to each of the parts and their relationship with each other through their articulation; to wonder about the way they are manufactured and assembled, their ergonomics and ease of use...

In final, the proposal was to deconstruct an everyday object starting from the general to reach each of its components, in a process -reverse engineering- that aims to "interrogate" each and every one of the elements that were found inside it. The everyday objects were:

(01) Cutter with locking wheel; (02) Adjustable pliers; (03) Sergeant; (04) Screw nutcracker; (05) Ice cream spoon; (06) Butterfly corkscrew; (07) Nail hammer.

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