Welcome to the 22-23 course!

We were really looking forward to meeting you again. We started the course excited, and loaded with many activities this year.

This year, 105 students from Degree at programs of study and 73 from Degree at design will be part of the School's family. To welcome them, we organized a day full of activities.

Upon arrival, they were greeted by several students of the School, who accompanied them for the rest of the workshop. The director of the School, Carlos Naya, accompanied by professors Ricardo Piñero, Pablo Arza and the coordinator of programs of study, Chus Freire welcomed them and gave them advice on how to live the university stage to the fullest.

This was followed by a treasure hunt! The new students got to know all the nooks and crannies of what will be their home for the next few years, learning such basic things as where to consult the timetable and what is management academic. 

Finally, they had an activity internship in the workshop, in which they had to paint Picasso's Guernica. Do you want to see result?

Here are some pictures of what they experienced that day!

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