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What is a Design Studio 'jury' in the 5th year of Architecture like?

Manuela Trompiz and Alberto Odio tell us about their experience in the intermediate Jury of Oriented Design Studio of 5th year of Architecture.

In the 5th year of Degree in Architecture, the Project Workshop subjects are separated into the different mentions, i.e., students work on independent projects. The mentions that compose the Degree in Architecture are: accredited specialization in management of the project Creative Management, management of the project Urban Management and management of the project Technical Management.

"My partner Manuela Trompiz and I are part of the accredited specialization in management of the project Urbano in which the work not only has a approach edificatorio, but goes beyond and takes it to landscaping. In this case, we are working on a project of a swimming pool complex," explains Alberto Odio.

The intermediate 'jury' of the project that the students of 5° have to prepare in the subject Oriented Design Studio is a meeting in which the state of the work of each group is put in common. The jury is attended by the professors and guest professors of each accredited specialization, who offer new perspectives at an important moment in the development of the project.

Last Friday, Alberto and Manuela's project was submitted to the 'jury'. "The participation of the rest of the teachers gave us a lot of input and made us realize the points core topic we have to follow to continue developing the project. It clarified the path ahead of us," explains Alberto. "The dynamic of joint critiques ('juries') between the mentions is always beneficial. Observing the projects of the other colleagues and listening to the suggestions of the different professors financial aid to reflect on what to improve in each one's project ", adds Manuela.

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