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Design a "hospitality map".

Touring Pamplona and its surroundings in search of samples of hospitality

Traveling around Pamplona and its surroundings in search of signs of hospitality. This is the exercise that the students of accredited specialization Urbana of Degree in Architecture elaborated, and that they later captured in a 'Map of Hospitality'.

The 25 students, divided into groups, made the tours in ten points of the Pamplona region until reaching the center of Pamplona, carrying out "symbolic requests and performative actions that provoke acts of hospitality". The hospitality received and rejected was represented on a final map that was drawn up in the courtyard of the Civivox Condestable. The activity was directed by the Roman architect Francesco Careri, together with the teachers of the School of Architecture Alicia Fernández and Esperanza Marrodán.

Hospitality Map - International Seminar with Francesco Careri

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