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The Camino de Santiago, protagonist of an exercise of the students of 1st year of Architecture: "Taking a line walk for a walk line".

The students of the 1st year of Architecture exhibit at the School the result of their works of the exercise 'DPI Taking a line walk for a walk line', a collective construction of drawings that was born from excursions along the Camino de Santiago as it passes through Pamplona.

"In 1988, Richard Long started walking in the middle of the Sahara. Nothing appeared before his eyes but an infinite horizon and his shadow chasing him. Noticing it, he turned and began to chase it, without catching up with it. However, in the attempt to hunt, he discovered the trail left by her boots. A line perpendicular to the infinite limit of the landscape" ('Memories of the oblivion', unpublished, 2022).

Richard Long was drawing a section. When we draw, we think that we are abstracting reality in a plan, in an elevation, in axonometries... but our walk draws infinitesimal sections over the city. From this reflection, collected in the statement of the exercise, the students of 1st year of Degree in programs of study of Architecture, explored, through an IPR, the intersection between the experience of walking a space and its translation into a section. To do so, they took the Camino de Santiago in its passage through Pamplona as pathway walk and section line.

In groups of 4, based on a series of excursions, they collected information to build the section at a scale of 1:50. This information was captured in a drawing that each week accumulated more and more observations. Each group was in charge of an area of the drawing and the final image is a collective construction of all the students' excursions around the city. The exhibition of the works can be seen in the corridors of the School of Architecture.

"What I liked most about project was definitely going to visit the space. I learned how to represent an atmosphere in a graphic way to better understand a place," says Matías Escudero, student 1st year Architecture student.

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