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The project 'Melodías de balcón' by students of Architecture of the accredited specialization Urbana, in the media

From the balcony of the old town of Pamplona, the journalist Marta Alzugaray of RNE, interviewed the teacher Esperanza Marrodán, the students of 3rd year of Architecture Elena Cortés Barrena and Gabriella Tavarone Matamoros, and Álvaro Cía, a resident of Pamplona.

This work, carried out by 18 students of Architecture of the University in the old town of Pamplona, aims to reactivate the solidarity generated in pandemic.

Solidarity and empathy were the 'friendly' face of the pandemic era. There are those who defend that these relationships are still latent and intend to bring them to light. This is the case of 18 students of the accredited specialization Urbana of the Degree in programs of study of Architecture of the University of Navarra, who in January worked on the activation of a community care network with the project 'Melodías de balcón: cuidándonos a unos a otros' (Balcony melodies: taking care of eachother).

The project, directed by architect Catalina Pollak Williamson together with Esperanza Marrodán, professor at the School, has had repercussions in different media.

We encourage you to learn more about project through the following publications:

Teacher Esperanza Marrodán, student Victoria Fanianos and old town resident Txutxin Almingol participated in an interview on SER Navarra.

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