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The use of color to transform spaces

"Space transformation through color" is the second project of the first semester of the 1st year students of design. It aims to focus on a very relevant field within design such as the use of color.

The 1st year students of Degree at design have developed a project whose main goal is the specific application of color to transform an existing space. Being able to master this tool is essential for any designer, no matter the field. The students have approached this specific skill through color analysis, iteration, compositions, contrast, continuous test and reflection.

The idea is to delve into the infinite possibilities of creative transformation implied by the applied use of color and light in design. It is also intended, through this project, that students know the instructions of the theory and psychology of color and the multiple compositional possibilities, which allows a proper management of this feature of design.

Ana Eliza Loynaz, 1st year student of design, tells us: "What I learned by doing the project was that it is not about choosing places and changing them, but about the importance of rethinking the atmosphere of the space, understanding it and thus being able to transform it".

The video shows the work of students Isabel Bonilla Bernal, María Fernanda Bolaños, Ana Elisa Loynaz and Ana Marleen Mouwen.

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