workshop welcoming the students of the School's master's degree programs in Madrid

Last Wednesday, September 6, 2023 took place the 'workshop of welcome' for the new students of the masters of the School of Architecture at the headquarters of postgraduate program of the University of Navarra in Madrid.

Wednesday, September 6, a date core topic for the future of the new students who will study a Master's Degree in the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra during the academic year 2023-2024. The welcoming workshop starts at 9:00, but the most cautious students arrive up to 45 minutes in advance, aware of the importance of this new stage for their professional future. 

First, they are given a welcome bag submission with their card access to the center, information about the workshop start, accreditations with their name and even a blue sweatshirt with the logo of the University of Navarra. Nerves are noticeable in the atmosphere between greetings and introductions until it is time to go to the classroom magna, where the director of the headquarters of postgraduate program, Ángel Gómez Montoro, and the director of the School of Architecture, Carlos Naya, welcome the new students.

Gómez Montoro pointed out the importance of "betting on people so that they feel more than a issue", since extending the Education with a program Master's Degree of the University of Navarra also means receiving a comprehensive training beyond the classroom. Afterwards, it was the turn of those in charge of training inside the classroom, the five professors responsible for directing each of the School of Architecture master's degrees taught in Madrid.

Each one presents the program of the Master's Degree they direct: Purificación González, the Master's Degree University in design and management Environmental Building; Samuel Azasu, the Master's Degree University in Strategy and Real Estate Business; Jorge Tárrago, the Master's Degree University in Architecture; Aurora Monge, the Double Master's Degree University in Architecture + design and management Environmental Building; and Elena Lacilla, the Double Master's Degree University in Architecture + Strategy and Real Estate Business/Real Estate. The presentations end with Óscar González, the coordinator of the module of business.

It's already 11:00 and it's time for a coffee break and a photo of group.

At 11:30 the students return to classroom magna to receive their first class of module of business with Professor José Ramón Pin. This program lasts until December and is common to all Masters of Architecture programs. The students start with their first case, Hausser Food Products Company, divided into teams, and finish by sharing their ideas with the class . The class lasts until 14:00 and then they go to lunch and rest in order to prepare for one of the most important moments of the day: the Final Project statements degree program.

Students choose among the projects carried by the tutors of the Final Projects degree program according to the one they find most interesting. The professors present their topics:

  • residency program Madrid Confidencial (prof. Luis Tena Núñez)

  • high performing Center for surfing internship (prof. Eduardo Escauriaza)

  • Madrid Río Shelter Center (prof. Antonio Vaillo)

  • Housing of the future in Madrid Nuevo Norte (prof. Mayka García Hípola)

  • Sitopia. Alternative Futures (prof. Jorge Tárrago)

  • The limits of the urban (prof. Carlos Brage)

  • Inhabiting the new city (prof. Miguel Ángel Alonso del Val)

At 18:30 an intense but fruitful Welcome workshop comes to an end. The students already have an idea of how to face their Master's Degree, they already know the headquarters of postgraduate program in Madrid and the professors from whom they will learn a lot during their programs of study. They can get an idea of what their next course will be like: an opportunity to become the best architects. We at School of Architecture know that they will succeed.

Text written by: Luis Gallés

workshop Welcome Master's Degree. Madrid Postgraduate Headquarters

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