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Students are already at Campus in Madrid to begin this year's master's degree courses at the School of Architecture

María del Valle, a student who is starting the Master's Degree University in Architecture, tells us about the welcome workshop . 

After months of paperwork, registration, information, emails with instructions... the day had arrived, it was Wednesday, September 14 and we were starting the Master's Degree. The atmosphere did not start at the headquarters, but in Avenida de America, where the first reunions took place, mixed with the rush to not miss the bus. For many of us it was the first time we had been there, and from the outside the image of the CUN and the headquarters of Master's Degree was promising, not only because of the architectural level of both buildings, but also because of the movement of restless young people from the most varied careers. At entrance hall the professors were waiting for us, who were the protagonists of both the reunions among those from Pamplona and the presentations with colleagues from other universities. There was a mixture of excitement and sorrow in all of us, as the summer was officially over.

The first block of sessions was from 9.30 to 11 a.m., in which the different people in charge of the sessions introduced us to what we would be doing in the following months. The first was Mr. Ángel José Gómez Montoro, director of the Campus in Madrid, who gave us an overview of the University of Navarra, which reminded us alumni of our past years, and made others aware of the strength and level of the institution. The next was Carlos Naya, director of the ETSAUN, who asked us to use creativity to turn the Master's Degree site into a school, with the closeness and atmosphere that we have experienced in Pamplona.

The following interventions were more practical. Purificación González on the MDGAE where the challenge is no longer to design buildings that do not pollute, but that contribute something good to the environment. José Manuel Cabrero on the unity of work, and therefore of the composition workshops, Structures, construction, installations, urban planning and projects. These two familiar faces were for many the reassurance of knowing that we were in the best hands. They were followed by José Ángel Medina, director of the MUA, to tell us what was expected of both teachers and students, at summary: enthusiasm, professionalism and a lot of work. Finally, Oscar González, professor at IESE and in charge of module from business managed to scare us by talking to us forcefully about the 4 modules we would be working on; human factor, finance, strategy and project management, works and services, as well as encouraging us to be generous, work as a team and dedicate many hours to study staff.

After the break, in which we were able to get to know each other, we solved the first case, led by Professor José Ramón Pin, who first explained the case method through a comparison with choosing a partner. Silence and concentration filled the classroom magna, while we all read the first case of the many that we will do these months. work as a team and discuss together how to offer a solution to Brenda to improve sales and win over her team. Not easy...

Lunchtime arrived and the leave floor was filled with two queues, one for the cafeteria and one for the microwaves. Together with colleagues from the other masters we ate and drank coffee, recharged batteries to face the afternoon! It started with Rosario Ruiz, coordinator of programs of study, who introduced us to the coordination team and introduced us to the logistics of campus. After her Leire told us about Terminus and Álvaro Claveria about the curricular internships. The last part of the day was perhaps the most awaited, the presentation of the projects. Each of the 7 professors presented theirs, along with a reflection that gave us enough information to be able to choose one or the other. As we left, all we heard was talk about each one's preferences, which one to choose and if we will be fast enough in the questionnaire to select it.

And that was the end of our first day at Master's Degree. We left very excited, full of information and with two things very clear; to work hard and to enjoy!

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