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José Alejandro Molina Díaz, student 3rd year of Architecture, awarded in the photography contest 'Mirar la arquitectura' of COAVN

"The image seeks to portray the constant dialogue between the forms of the city," says José Alejandro, who is also secretary of the School's Photography Club.

Dialogues', proposal by José Alejandro Molina Díaz, student 3rd year Architecture student, has been awarded a runner-up prize in the photography competition 'Mirar la arquitectura/Arkitekturari begira' of the high school Official Basque-Navarre Architects Association (COAVN). The winning images are on display at the Palacio del Condestable in Pamplona.

"The photograph seeks to portray the constant dialogue between the forms of the city. In this case, the AVIA Lezkairu service station presents three roofs at different levels that float statically in the Pamplona sky, while in contrast appears the horizontal one, tying it to the ground. They do not touch, but coexist in a harmonious dialogue in the same space," explains José Alejandro.

Dialogues', the award-winning photograph by José Alejandro Molina Díaz


The jury stated that "the treatment of light and color in this image, as well as the motif and the large circular covers of a gas station, compose an attractive image for its graphic simplicity and plastic rotundity". He added that "the use of complementary colors and the core topic leave , with most of the image surface in an attractive dark blue and the red elements in the lower left part of the image, transform, by the action of the photographer's gaze, a banal motif into a plastic composition of great interest".

José Alejandro has shown his gratitude to the School's Photography Club: "Thank you for giving me a space to express myself and to continue learning about what I am passionate about through technique, through color and through that cultural background that you acquire by watching the photographs of your classmates. Your photography evolves to be able to transmit what you really want". 

The student José Alejandro Molina attended the submission awards ceremony of the COAVN contest.

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