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The experience of working on a project exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao

Una exposición dedicada al futuro de la movilidad

Students and professors from the Schools of Engineering (Tecnun) and Architecture of the University of Navarra participate with a proposal of mobility sustainable in the exhibition Motion, Autos, Art, Architecture, organized by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary together with the Norman Foster Foundation. This sample is dedicated to the history of the automobile and its relationship with art and architecture.

The project is exhibited in the exhibition dedicated to the future of the mobility, together with proposals from other Spanish universities and 12 international universities, selected expressly by the Norman Foster Foundation for this exhibition.

Specifically, School of Architectureand Tecnun have been working on a shared, autonomous and sustainable ecosystem of mobilityfor the rural environment. 

In this project have participated students of the Degrees of Mechanical Engineering, of Engineering of design Industrial of Tecnun and of the Degrees in Architecture and of design of the School of Architecture. Both have applied the knowledge they have developed in the degree program.

Leyre Fernandez, student of design of the accredited specialization of Services recognizes that "she has learned a lot from the world of art as is the management of the museum, the agents involved in the exhibition, all the staff that is involved and how you have to work to intervene in the most discreet way possible and the management of work as a team". Her colleague from Degree in Architecture, Leire Gómez, emphasizes that "it has been a good opportunity because we have learned that the interdisciplinary union between two careers generates better results".

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exhibition at the Guggenheim


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