Le Corbusier's route: 1st year Architecture students tell us about their experience

1st year Architecture students Elena Schmidt and Daniella Astupimaro tell us how they have experienced their first international academic trip of the degree program

For 6 days contemporary architecture was the main protagonist for the students of 1st year of Architecture. They have made their first academic trip around the works of Le Corbusier between France and Switzerland.

They have been able to see first hand the main works of the Swiss architect, as well as visit other facilities and buildings of special relevance. This trip culminates the school year in which they have been studying Le Corbusier among other masters.

For student Elena Schmidt the trip "allowed me to see architecture through a new lens, or rather the lens that inspired me to study it in the first place: the experience of a building as space. The trip brought Le Corbusier and his works to life more than any other lesson, although having learned them beforehand was certainly core topic to appreciate the works."

Her classmate Daniella also emphasized the importance of having studied these buildings so carefully throughout the school year and that this had an impact when "seeing them live and direct", she said that "it changes the perspective with which she saw these buildings, since the experience of being there is very different from seeing them in a photograph. This is because the sensory aspects conveyed by the architecture are only perceived when witnessing the building."

They believe that this trip was a boost, the first year of degree program is usually very hard, adapting to new routines, forms of assessment, specialized content. Among so much effort and work that it requires the students to carry this year, that it culminates with the trip is extremely rewarding because in the case of Daniela it made her "confirm how much she likes architecture and art, and it was a great motivation to continue learning more about it. At the same time, the trip was a great time to "share like class, from watching people drawing, painting, sharing experiences, taking pictures and more pictures, lunch time, or playing cards and singing on the bus."

Student Elena considers that "it was especially nice to share this experience with fellow students from class and professors, discussing elements that make architecture amazing while on site. In terms of bonding class, the bus trips were particularly effective. We looked out for each other to make sure no one was left behind. People were playing music in the back or guitar in the front, always singing along."

Photos by: Elena Schmidt, 1st year Architecture student.

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