Logroño CT Lab

Students of Degree in Architecture and Master's Degree in design and management Environmental of Buildings propose architectural and urban planning projects for different areas of Logroño.

The nearby and historic city of Logroño has been laboratory of original ideas and proposals at different scales and fields. At framework of the Logroño CT Lab, an initiative of the City Council of the capital of La Rioja with the aim of seeking academic solutions for the city, our students of Degree in Architecture and Master's Degree in design and management Environmental Building, have shared the best results with society in order to move towards the specific challenges of contemporary development . 

In the framework of a agreement between the City Council of Logroño and the School, the architectural and urban projects for different areas of Logroño raised by our students in the subjects of Urbanism, Architecture, Landscape and Energy Regeneration, have been seen in recent weeks in a exhibition in the Cubo del Revellín in Logroño.

As reported by Diario La Rioja in a report published in the print edition on October 10, the proposals "represent solutions to specific problems of the regional capital, some of which have been on diary for some time and other newer ones such as the car park provisional de Valbuena, reminiscent of the PERI Excuevas-Cuarteles, or the extension of Avenida de la Sierra, integrated in a new arrangement of a south that will have to be completed sooner or later". 


The work of our students includes the possible expansion of the Iregua river park, the construction of a higher center of gastronomy programs of study -and integration of the railroad in the west area-, the creation of a 'campus center' for the UNIR (International University of La Rioja) along with the development of the neighborhood of Los Lirios or the installation of a boutique hotel in the park of La Grajera. Also included is the urban regeneration of the area around the Cubo del Revellín, the planning of the Ramblasque sector, different proposals for the renovation of facades in buildings of the Las Gaunas Sports Club, the Sotillo housing area, next to Escolapias, or even a detailed territorial study of the municipal district of Logroño.

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