2nd year students of design learn about ergonomics with Jordi Mañá and Tito Favaro.

Jordi Mañá, industrial designer and technician in applied ergonomics, offered a lecture and led a workshop together with Tito Favaro, expert in ergonomics, robotics and researcher from design. Three students share what they learned from the experience.

The 2nd year students of design have deepened on the concept of ergonomics with Jordi Mañá, industrial designer and technician in applied ergonomics, and Tito Favaro, Senior Industrial designer at Pal Robotics and expert in ergonomics, robotics and researcher of design.

As part of the subject of laboratory of Integration III and on the occasion of the second project of this, 'Articulating', students participated in a workshop with the two experts. Jordi Mañá, a pioneer in his field, has also worked in the upholstery, furniture and decoration sector. He has taught at the main schools of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, as well as in European schools in France, Germany and Italy. On the other hand, Tito Favaro develops his degree program in the world of ergonomics, robotics and research of design, concepts that he implements in universities as a teacher and in companies. The former also shared his knowledge through the lecture 'design and science will walk together, in the future'.

Alsacia Reyes Maridueña is one of the students who enjoyed the activity: "It is one of those classes that will always be remembered. From the importance of the 'human factors' in the design, to the warmth and laughter that a former student and professor shared with us. The importance of taking into account the physical characteristics of people when creating our designs, how to analyze the human body in a biomechanical way, where postures and muscle movement are determinant, were part of the knowledge imparted that I will surely apply in the near future".

The studentMilena Sánchez Amézqueta, assures that "it has been a pleasure to listen and learn from Jordi Mañá and Tito Favaro during these two days, in addition to learning about their career as designers and their countless anecdotes that have made the learning process lighter". "Ergonomics is a topic of which we did not have much knowledge, despite being a relevant topic in the world of design. Now it is up to us to digest everything we have learned (which has not been little) and synthesize what each of us, individually, is interested in and really useful in the not so distant future. We have learned much more besides ergonomics, such as biomimicry and its role in the past and the future of design (from DNA to the northern lights), things we never thought we would learn and that I also consider very valuable and necessary resources for a designer," adds Milena.

Lucía Andonegui Álava also attended the activity: "Jordi Mañá and Tito Favaro have shown us the value of developing an ergonomic study of our designs, in order to adapt them to the human being and the environment in which they will intervene. They have reminded us of the importance of bearing in mind that we design for other people and have shown us that ergonomics is an act of love, empathy and responsibility towards the users and the environment with which our creations will coexist". 


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