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The students of the 3rd year of design (accredited specialization in Product) travel to the Dutch Design Week held in Holland.

The Dutch Design Week took place in Eindhoven. Students Carmen Parrado and Javier Tudela tell us about their experience.

Dutch Design Week (DDW) is the largest event of design in Northern Europe. During this week, which takes place every October, the work and ideas of more than 2,600 designers are presented. At more than 110 locations around the city, DDW organizes exhibitions, lectures, submission award ceremonies, networking events, debates and other activities. The 3rd year students of design of the accredited specialization in Product traveled to Eindhoven to live this experience.

Javier Tudela, one of the students who traveled to the Dutch city, tells us how he experienced the DDW: "I loved that the fair was distributed throughout the city and had a great variety of projects. Personally, the Graduation Show was a very enriching experience, as there were projects created by students on display and I had the opportunity to talk to several of them about their creative process and exchange experiences and points of view related to design. In addition, we were able to hold a workshop with Plug-in City and exhibit our work at the fair. 

For Carmen Parrado, also a student in the 3rd year of the program, it was a very special experience. designIt was a very special experience: "Going to Eindhoven during the week of design helped me to reflect on the project that I was developing in parallel at the University. Undoubtedly, what I valued most was the opportunity to see the work of the graduates, especially those who developed a more conceptual project . It was very useful for me to link more with my project and develop it in a more staff".

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