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4th year Architecture students travel to Granada

The Dehesa del Generalife Periurban Park they visited, since it will be the place where they will develop their project

During the academic visit , which will allow them to develop a project, they learned more about the historical and contemporary architecture of the city.

The trip was made to Granada because the exercise of the subject of Projects to be carried out by the students of the 4th year of Degree in Architecture is located in a site near the Alhambra. "There we were received by Ramon Fernandez Alonso, architect and professor in Granada, who will be the visiting professor for the exercise. Together with Ramon we visited the site, which is located in the Dehesa del Generalife, and from which the whole city and the Alhambra can be seen. It is a site with a lot of historical and cultural significance; and, logically, we also visited the entire Alhambra site accompanied by Ramón," says School teacher Víctor Larripa.


The project to be developed is an observation tower in the Dehesa del Generalife Periurban Park. This combines three types of landscapes, which lack an adequate infrastructure for the visitor: natural, that of its own orography and ecosystem; cultural, that of its historical remains and monumental environment; and social, as a result of the development of sports and leisure activities. Therefore, the exercise to be developed, beyond covering a specific need consisting of the construction of a forest watchtower on its northern slope, proposes the establishment of a landscape action of a certain entity, offering with its physiognomy, an image that summarizes a more complex, of a place of places, and therefore identity of the same.

visit of the students to the Dehesa del Generalife Periurban Park.


That is why, establishing a transversal reading of these three landscapes, the tower should cover the total vision of the park and the Alhambra environment. The activities to be developed from the tower are both the surveillance of the park and the monumental environment as well as the aid and rescue to visitors. It should consist of a cabin for a guard (two people) that fulfills the functions of rest area, work, provisioning, and toilet; a first aid room and a garage for vehicle and off-road motorcycle.

They also took advantage of the trip to visit other buildings of contemporary architecture of great interest and quality: the Museum of the report of Andalusia, by Alberto Campo Baeza; the Caja Granada, also by Alberto Campo Baeza; the School of Architecture by Victor Lopez Cotelo; and the Teacher Training School by Ramón Fernández Alonso.

visit to La Alhambra with professors and the guest architect of project Ramon Fernández Alonso


For students Marta Ayala and Paloma Ulecia the trip has been extremely enriching: "You see Granada with different eyes and from a different perspective, you have more criteria with which to look at the architectural richness of the city from a more historical side to a more contemporary side". In addition, it seems to them that it is "different" to see this city with 4 years of degree program in Architecture: "We carefully observed every corner of the city, which is a reference for the definition of the Iberian architectural style".

They also commented that they grade that a pathway has been prepared "with caution": "Not only have we seen the great buildings that are of historical relevance in architecture in Granada, but we have had a rewarding trip with great contemporary buildings from reference letter. Seeing the Alhambra from the mountain is another experience".

At final, the trip combined visits to the historic architecture so B contained in Granada -related to the project that the students will be taking- and visits to excellent examples of contemporary architecture. A quick trip but of great interest and intensity. 

4th GEA - Trip to Granada

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