The students of Master's Degree from postgraduate program in Madrid visit the campus in Pamplona.

Elena de Andrés, student of the Master's Degree University of Architecture (MUA), tells the story of the visit that students of the masters of the School of Architecture taught in Madrid made to campus of Pamplona.

"With the goal to get to know our University better and to strengthen the bonds between colleagues, at the end of September the students of the Master's degrees of the School of Architecture taught in Madrid visited the campus in Pamplona.

On Thursday early in the morning we were picked up by bus to arrive at campus around 1:00 pm. There we were shown the Central Building of the University and we were told its history. Then we went to the School of Architecture, where some professors like José Ángel Medina or Luis Tena gave us a small 'tour' explaining us details of the building. Afterwards, we had lunch and then a coffee with the professor and director of the School, Carlos Naya. We were talking about the history of the School, how it was, in 64, one of the first schools in Spain and how many renowned architects had passed through it and had left their mark on the way of teaching so particular to this University. 

Afterwards, we visited the School of Communication, a work by Vicens, and the Library Services, a work by Carvajal. These buildings add a lot of character to the University's campus . This visit was particularly interesting because we were able to analyze both the aesthetics of the buildings and their functionality. The visit to campus ended at the University Museum, where we were shown the pieces of modern art exhibited there and a very interesting photography exhibition . 

So much for the academic part. After this, we went to our accommodation and got ready to enjoy one of the most emblematic traditions of Pamplona: the 'juevintxo'. Despite the rain, we were able to enjoy the 'pintxos', taking the opportunity to get to know our colleagues from Master's Degree better. 

On Friday, around noon, we visited the exhibition 'Occidens' in the Cathedral of Pamplona, accompanied by Professor Antonio Vaillo who had taken part in the design of the exhibition. It was a very interesting visit , due to its innovative way of conceiving an exhibition space in the buildings adjacent to the Cathedral. 

After all these visits, we had the opportunity to visit presentation, for those of us who had not studied the Degree at the School, to learn about Charlie and his copy shop. The students from Pamplona had spoken very well of him and he himself offered us his services. After this we took the bus and returned to Madrid.

It has been a very interesting and entertaining trip that we, the students of the School's masters, have enjoyed very much".

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