The students of the 5th year of Architecture present the final project of the National Volcanological Center for La Palma.

At the beginning of semester they traveled to La Palma to see the land on which they worked and now they have presented the proposals to 11 architects.

The City Council of El Paso and the School of Architecture signed this year a partnership agreement by which 5th year students and professors of Degree in programs of study of Architecture have worked on projects to design a National Volcanological Center (CVN) -the City Council has applied as a municipality in which to host it- in the Cumbre Vieja area, where the Tajogaite volcano is located.

A few months ago, the students presented the mayor of El Paso (La Palma), Sergio Rodríguez, with 11 proposals for design of the future National Volcanological Center.

Last May 12, the final jury was held at the School, attended by the professors of the subjects involved and 9 invited architects who formed the jury (some of them had already attended the critiques on other occasions). The workshop was divided into three parts, as was the jury. Each team presented their project to a different jury and the critiques happened simultaneously. In workshop 1 were Javier Pérez Herreras, Luis María Uriarte and Blanca Hernández; in workshop 2, Professor Asier Santas with César Ruiz Larrea, María José de Blas and Ignacio Olite; and finally, in workshop 3, Professor Jorge Tárrago with Rubén Picado, Roberto Ercilla and Maite Apezteguía.

This project has received media coverage and will be presented in La Palma in June and in Madrid in October.

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