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The students of Master's Degree of the School visit the Galería de las Colecciones Reales de Madrid.

The visit was designed by architect Carlos Brage, from the architectural firm design Brage Tuñón.

Last Tuesday, September 12, the students of the Master's Degree in Architecture of the University of Navarra visited the Galería de las Colecciones Reales in Madrid. This activity was led by Emilio Tuñón, one of the architects who has led for more than 20 years the construction process and design of the Gallery and who previously offered a lecture at the headquarters of postgraduate program in Madrid to the students of the Master's Degree University in Architecture. The students were able to observe both the structure of the building and the art collections held by the museum. Architect Carlos Brage, from the architectural firm and design Brage Tuñón, guided them through the visit.

This activity is part of a project by groups that consists of analyzing the architecture of the building with the goal to understand its composition and the idea behind so many years of work around this building located in such an emblematic point of Madrid as the area of the Royal Palace.

visit The students were given a guided tour of the building from the facade to the bowels of the building. They were able to see the engine rooms, the electrical layout of the Gallery and even the subway storage rooms with their huge fire doors. All prepared for the transport of large goods and the smooth running of the museum. After studying the architecture, it was time to explore the artistic part, the raison d'être of the Gallery, its actual collections.

After some free time enjoying the works, the students went to the auditorium to receive a talk from Leticia Ruiz, the director of the Gallery. She spoke about the bets that Spain has made to tell and show works of the crown and how the monarchy has been the common thread of the birth of this subject of spaces. The works follow an exhibition speech with a chronological order of the history of the monarchs.

The director also delved into the composition of the building in the environment of the Royal Palace and the surrounding area. The Royal Collections Gallery has been the building that has finished filling the cornice of buildings in the area, creating the final touch that generates architectural harmony and completes the Palace space.

The visit ended with a farewell speech by Leticia Ruiz and, after an intense and entertaining afternoon, the students ended the activity. This visit will help them to understand how the construction of such an important building works, in addition to the cultural enrichment after enjoying the royal collections.

Many thanks to Emilio Tuñón, Leticia Ruiz and the members of the Gallery.

Text written by: Luis Gallés

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