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Saltoki visit the headquarters of postgraduate program and offers a workshop to the students of Master's Degree of the School in Madrid.

During the session, students learned about the composition and manufacture of different materials.

On Monday, September 18, business Saltoki, a leading distributor of supplies for installations, visited the students of the Masters of Architecture at Campus in Madrid at the University of Navarra. At the lecture, the students received information about the materials used for the constructions with the goal to learn about the operation of the business. They were able to analyze and observe the materials brought by Saltoki. They explained in detail their composition, the manufacturing process and even the machines they use in their factories. 

They will also be able to use this practical knowledge in their future projects, since the explanations of the operation were applied from a useful point of view.

Many thanks to Saltoki for their participation! The students enjoyed the session, it will be very useful for them.

Saltoki workshop for students at Madrid Headquarters

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