TERMINUS travels to Cosentino City Madrid, where former students Andrea Díez and Ana Blasco exhibit their projects.

The projects belong to the exhibition Terminus of the School of Architecture and were criticized by guest architects Carlos Lamela and Graziella Trovato.

Last Thursday, November 2, the students of Master's Degree University in Architecture Andrea Díez and Ana Blasco presented their Final Projects degree program of the exhibition Terminus in the gallery Cosentino City Madrid. The goal was for the students to show their work to an interested public, but above all to the architects Carlos Lamela and Graziella Trovato. The latter critiqued the feasibility of the projects during the event, which was dynamic thanks to the participation of the students and the architects. Journalist and architecture critic Fredy Massad also participated in the event. 

Mayerit, A welcome center in Madrid Rio

The project led by Andrea Díez is called Mayerit, A welcome center in Madrid Rio and has as tutor professor Antonio Vaillo. This work consists of creating a new civilization for immigrants on the left bank of the Manzanares River, facing the Royal Palace. Andrea establishes a metaphor where he compares the immigrants to the old settlements by the river where resources were limited.

The project proposes a landscape that restores the lost value to the natural element and protagonist par excellence of Madrid Rio: water, until now distanced from the citizen and forgotten behind the walls. Mayerit is a vegetal topographic landscape capable of understanding the natural cycle of rainwater, which stores it in winter and floods it in summer, to refund the presence of water to the life of the citizen and Madrid Rio.

"The reflection from minute one on the issues of immigration, culture and place should be highlighted. A reflection that is not told, but that has been core topic to face a project of this magnitude. It has only been possible to approach it and achieve the result presented thanks to looking at, understanding and interpreting the place, the precedent of the status faced by project and the vision of people close to the West", explained Andrea Díez.

Luis Buñuel Cinema House

The project led by Ana Blasco is called the Luis Buñuel Film House and has as tutor professor Luis Tena. This work is centered on the Gran Vía in Madrid and consists of bringing together in a single building the institutions related to the seventh art, returning the cinematographic dimension to the avenue before the requalification of uses of the screening rooms.

In Ana's own words, what she wants is to "give poetic justice to that cultural part of the city", since Gran Vía has seen its presence of cinemas reduced from 13 to only 3. These cinemas congregate in the place del Callao, articulation of the street. In the urban dimension within a consolidated area, the opening of a street is proposed for a better connection between Callao and place de Mesonero Romanos.

On the outside, the building does not intend to hide itself, but to communicate the inside and the outside to understand the city from the inside and, in the same way, from the city to understand the building, making the experience of cinema something present in the city. But above all, Ana says she is "an inveterate Madrileña" and her great goal is "to maintain the Madrid identity in the project".

After the students' presentations and the guest architects' critiques, part of the audience was encouraged to ask some questions about the projects and about the University of Navarra' s Masters of Architecture.

At the end of the questions, on the lower floor of the Cosentino City Madrid gallery, where all the TERMINUS projects will be exhibited until November 17, an aperitif was offered to all attendees.

Many thanks to Cosentino City Madrid for the space, to the invited architects, to our former students Ana Blasco and Andrea Díez and to all the attendees.

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