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The exercise consists in the design of a typeface SPECIMEN

The exercise consists in the design of a typeface SPECIMEN, a 12 pages-leaflet that presents a particular typeface with all its features, applications, and formal identity.

This message consists of transmitting why they are studying the degree in Design and how they got here: what are their expectations, what are their interests, hobbies and passions. What are their strengths and what are their weaknesses. They shall express where they would dream to reach being designers.

TYPOGRAPHY: Each student will choose a font from a given list and he/she will study, understand and analyze it, in order to present it afterwards in a designed booklet.

COLOR: The design will be black and white. Student are allowed to use one extra color apart from black and white. This specification applies for the color of texts and also for the medium.

MEDIUM: free (paper, plastic, cardboard, etc). NB: students shall take into account the thickness and stiffness of medium, to operate proper folding and to have a proper presentation in the result.

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