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A day among museums, the academic trip of the 1st grade of design

A group of students, Javier Antón and Elena Aparicio at Chillida Leku

Three 1st year students from design tell us about their experience in this academic trip to three museums.

The students of 1st of design embarked on the adventure of an academic day trip. Recently the Museo Universidad de Navarra (MUN) initiated a partnership with the Centro Botín, the Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao and Chillida Leku, which encourages public visits between them, and our students from design made the journey to several of these museums. Students Ana Elisa Loynaz, Ciria Aguayo and Mariana León-Pantin (Interlock students) tell us about their experience on this tour.

Chillida-Leku, by Ana Elisa Loynaz

Ana Elisa Loynaz tells of her experience on this trip to the Chillida-Leku museum, Eduardo Chillida's museum: "It is totally different from what we are used to visiting. Chillida, a nature lover, decided that his works had to be exhibited in nature, and he founded a museum in which approximately 40 of his works are distributed throughout a large garden".

Apart from delving into his works and learning about the history behind each one of them and, in this way, being able to understand the reason for many of the things he used to implement as an artist, they were able to get to know the museum itself. "It is made in a very detailed way, of each of the works their best attributes are highlighted. From my point of view, living the experience of visiting a museum outdoors, which invites you to connect with nature, made me appreciate each of the works from a very different perspective. The museum is a quiet, peaceful and serene place. I think that if the works were exhibited inside a building, it would totally change the way of perceiving them".

Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, by Ciria Aguayo

Ciria Aguayo tells us that "it was one of the most awaited visits by all". At the Guggenheim, apart from the permanent exhibition , they visited the temporary exhibitions of Oskar Kokoschka and Joan Miró. For Aguayo, Joan Miró's exhibition was the one that most captivated her, "walking through the gallery and encountering all the vibrant colors and abstract forms was like immersing yourself in the surrealist journey." "In addition to the paintings, the exhibition also included a selection of sketches and drawings that revealed Miró's creative process. These pieces allowed me to better understand the evolution of his work and his deep commitment to experimentation and artistic exploration. And this, as a student of design, has been invaluable," she confesses.

Javier Antón with 1st year students of design next to the work 'The Matter of Time', by Richard Serra, part of the permanent collection of the Guggenheim in Bilbao.

Centro Botín, by Mariana León-Pantin

The last stop on their trip was the Botín Center in Santander. Here they visited the exhibition 'I am paralyzed by hope', by Roni Horn, which sample the artist's internship to "be present in the moment and embrace his surroundings". To Mariana Leon-Pantin he conveyed the importance of "observing the state of my environment to reflect the real needs of those around me and their reactions to these changes." The visit ended with a cocktail social, where students enjoyed the view of the bay and its reflections, which Horn deeply analyzes in his works.

Group photo of the students at the Botín Center Museum.

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