A 360º project to become the set designers of a theatre play

Students from Degree at design design the set design for La Zarzuela de los Paraguas.

The 4th year students of design worked on the design and staging of the play La Zarzuela de los Paragüas, which premiered at the Museo Universidad de Navarra on April 5 and 6, 2022.

The goal of this project was "to give students a basis for the understanding of Scenography as a creative tool in itself and not as a mere tool of "representation" of another idea. The interesting thing about a scenography is the way in which other programmatic ideas are materialized, enriched and made visible, which are understandable and recognizable by the public thanks to the design choices of the scenographer", explains Juan Roquette, professor at School of Architecture.

The students carried out a previous work of research, analyzing the text of the play and the different stagings it has had over time. Specifically, "they have analyzed backdrops, costume characterizations and deictics of other authors, to see how the same ideas can be expressed in different ways: either in more abstract/symbolic keys, or in more text-centric or figurative keys," says the professor. 

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