A glimpse of IESE Business School's module among architects

How to Integrate IESE's module into Architecture

IESE's module , which is taught at Master's Degree in Real Estate Strategy and Business, has served as an essential translator for students to bring topic from business and business into the working world. Its methodology internship and close financial aid them to understand how to face them in the most efficient and human way possible. 

The module runs from mid-September to early December and covers these major business topics: 

  • Project, Works and Services Management
    Projects and works, marketing, operations and entrepreneurship.

  • Finance
    Basic accounting and operational, structural and market finance.

  • Strategy
    Analysis of business situations and business strategy.

  • Human Factor
    Personnel Management Serviceethics and negotiation.

The sessions at module are based on the case method. In each session, they usually see a real-life case adapted to the topic of study. The university provides the cases and before each class they read, analyze and propose alternatives as possible solutions to the problems. This analysis is first done individually, then in a group discussion and finally in class with the professors. In some class, the professors enrich the sessions with lectures or workshops to better understand the cases or the skill to be developed. 

The main skills fostered at Master's Degree are those of work teamwork and participation at class. 

Throughout module, teachers challenge students' critical thinking. They turn classroom into a dynamic space where they guide class and encourage continuous intervention. It will depend to a great extent on the previous preparation with the technical information provided to achieve this dynamism. The participation of the different students generates very interesting debates and, due to the great cultural diversity, they get to know experiences and different ways of facing diverse situations. 

IESE is essential for students' comprehensive professional development. development . It provides them with indispensable tools for their work.

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