Trip to Pamplona

The visit to Pamplona is an essential step to achieve a greater sense of belonging to this alma mater.

The University organized a pathway on November 11 and 12 for the students of the programs Master's Degree of the School of Architecture of the campus Madrid, with the purpose of getting to know the campus of Pamplona and the city.

The University's President received the students in the meeting room of the Edicio Central. Afterwards, they had lunch at School of Architecture with 5th year students and enjoyed a coffee with director, Carlos Naya.

In the afternoon, they visited the other buildings inside campus accompanied by professors from the School. They visited the Sciences Building Sociales, designed by the architectural firm Vicens+Ramos, the Library Services, designed by the architect Javier Carvajal, and the University Museum, designed by the architect Rafael Moneo. 

On Friday they got to know the city of Pamplona. They visited the high school de Arquitectura to take advantage of the 360˚ view of the city. There Professor Luis Tena, taking advantage of the visuals of the city, shared data previously reviewed in his lecture on the origin and form to better understand them in-situ. 

They visited the interiors of the Presidium designed by Patxi Mangado, even the technical installations of the building. The latter with the aim of bringing them closer to the "invisible" to the eye of Username and the essential characteristics to achieve them in a space of such great magnitude and meticulous specifications. 

They ended the day and the trip with FabLab experiences (Digital Fabrication Workshop) at School of Architecture. One more dynamic to get to know all that the University offers to the students. 

Oscar González-Peralta, from module IESE, constantly advises them: "Don't let the university pass you by, soak it in. The Master's Degree is not only reduced to the training in the classroom, but transcends to a human training . It fosters the integration of people who seek to do good while enjoying the process. 

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