Vionnet Vs Balenciaga

The basis of the project will be the volume and the material

The project will consist in designing a new fashion project based on the ideas of the fashion masters Madeleine Vionnet and Cristóbal Balenciaga. It will begin with a short introduction about the historical context and bibliography about them. Besides, a re-elaboration of some models of Vionnet and Balenciaga made by Javier Martín during the workshop day.

The models will be shown to the students to appreciate the fashion process live. These inspirational designs will help us introduce different concepts about fashion's methodology; some of them will be more advanced such us volume by addition or subtraction, compression or subtraction...; and some others wont, such as, the introduction of the bias, fashion patterns adaptation, tech packs....

But there is no doubt that the basis of the project will be the volume and the material. The dialogue and experimentation between both concepts would be the key elements for the success of the project.

We will be working in groups of six (6) students, which will be organized randomly. Each group will be divided into three (3) pairs. Thus, each group will have three interventions at the end of the project. Those Interventions could be defined as the result of combining the Balenciaga and Vionnet technics. Both techniques must be part of project. Each group must be responsible of the coherence of its project.

Finally, every group shall recieve 10 meters of "tarlatane" for the workshop and then, for the project, each pair of students will recieve 7 meters of "calico" -fluid fabric- and 10 meters of "tarlatane"-rigid fabric-. Skilled management of those material during the project will be a must for an effective design.

2nd GD - Consolidating Body

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