academic visits : santander

visit of the students of the Master's Degree in programs of study of Commissariat to Santander

visit to the exhibition "Visión Expandida" by Damián Ortega at Centro Botín

Mónica Miles Beltrán, a student of Master's Degree at programs of study de Comisariado, shares the experience she had with her classmates during the visit to Santander as part of the program of the Master's Degree

Within the program of Master's Degree in programs of study of Curatorship, different trips and visits to cultural centers around the country and internationally are included. The intention with these visits is that we get to know the different forms of work in art centers and emblematic museums, so we discover and get to know curators, artists and professionals of the sector in a more staff and closer way.  

For the first trip out of Pamplona, we visited Santander. They left very early in the morning from Pamplona, to arrive directly at file La source in Santander. file La source is a documentary collection of 20th century art history formed by José María La source. 38,000 items from correspondence, drawings, sculptures, collages, posters, catalogs, sketches, proofs, photographs to books... Whatever you can imagine about great artists and art events of the twentieth century. It's getting to know known works of art and artists from a new perspective behind the scenes, with documents that support theories or show perspectives not so often addressed in the research of art history. Paradise for any researcher, curator or art history curious. This file will be available soon in the building of the former Bank of Spain in Santander, which is being remodeled to become an associated venue of the Reina Sofia National Museum. 

Around 12:00 we arrived at the Botín Center. Renzo Piano's architecture and the views did not fail to impress us with the great weather that greeted us in Santander that day. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Begoña Guerrica-Echevarría, Director of department of Plastic Arts and Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz, Director of Exhibitions and Collection at Centro Botín. We talked about the foundation, its work to support the social development through the arts for creative capacity, as well as the support they offer to artists and curators through their grants and programs. We toured the halls where they exhibited "Damián Ortega: Expanded Vision", "Itineraries XXVII" and "Portraits: Essence and Expression." Floating expanded sculptures, mediation programs, artistic experimentation and portraits of great names such as Henri Matisse, Francis Bacon and Joaquín Sorolla to mention just a few. 

After a well-deserved lunch break, we continued with the visit to Siboney Gallery by Juan Gonzalez de Riancho, independent curator and former Director of Arte Santander. We talked, laughed, discussed about the future of the art industry and curatorship in the national and international status . Undoubtedly a very close approach to the curatorial scene from the experience of someone with a great background and role in Santander art. The last stop before returning to Pamplona was Fluent, a space dedicated to contemporary art and research that sample cycles of exhibitions, texts and live events, in an unconventional space: a glass pavilion. Fluent seeks to dialogue between disciplines as well as to collaborate with other non-profit spaces, institutions and national and international educational systems. 

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