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Joaquín Lorda Sketching Club

A tribute to the figure of Joaquín Lorda Iñarra, teacher, researcher and virtuoso of fast drawing during many years of the School of Architecture

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Our goal

The Joaquín Lorda Sketching Club was founded in 2020 to promote the passion and the academic partnership resulting from drawing and sketching in his modality de Urban Sketchingas well as to pay a well-deserved tribute to the figure of Joaquín Lorda Iñarra, teacher, researcher and virtuoso of fast drawing for many years of the School of Architecture. The club seeks to instil the love of drawing cultivated not only at the School but throughout life, which is why everyone is welcome, and the School of Architecture will be the general venue for the club's main activities.

The way the club works is simple: every Saturday we will leave at 10:00 am from place del Castillo in Pamplona to a previously agreed point where we will develop one of the proposed themes. After spending a couple of hours on their free drawing, the group will meet again in person or online to discuss and exchange impressions of the drawings made.

In addition, the club will be organising a series of social events, such as visits to museums, exhibitions as well as lectures and master classes by guest speakers (architects, designers, painters, illustrators and researchers) related to the field of drawing.

In addition, there will be a sample of the best works of the course, by means of a joint and public exhibition The money raised will be donated to a charitable cause such as Tantaka's and the School's charity project for that year or Alumni Scholarships.

Registered club members who engage in most of these activities will receive a credit ECTS credit .

It is not necessary to have any previous drawing experience knowledge to join any of the club's scheduled outings and we invite anyone interested to join us.


Joaquín Lorda


How to register?

To register, please fill in the following form form with the required data and pay an annual fee of registration (10 €).

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