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Visiting professors of the School de Enfermería


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Aplicaciones anidadas




Several professors from the School Nursing Department have completed several research internships at top universities. Discover their experience here.

Aplicaciones anidadas


Nursing science has been forged, step by step, over the years. Social and vital aspects such as birth, death, illness and well-being have shaped its own trajectory. It is not something emerging, even if it has been known a few years ago, but caring has always been. And this requires research to look for new ways to improve people in their illness or health organizations in their reputation, among other things. 

The School of Nursing has two areas of research encompassing Person-Centered Care and Health Promotion. Among its objectives is to promote the research for the development of Nursing Science. And there are two Departments that carry out these areas. On the one hand, the department of Nursing Care for Adult Patients, which studies nursing care to the person in the different stages of life and the ethics of care. And on the other hand, the department of Community and Maternal and Child Nursing, whose pillars are based on the promotion and Education for health. A total of 37 people, including professors -national and international-, doctoral students and students of the Diploma LID offered by the School, are those who are committed to advancing and contributing to nursing. Among them, 5 are those who last year spent several months at universities in various countries.   


Ana Choperena - Boston College (USA)

Aplicaciones anidadas


"This stay has allowed me to receive a specialized training in the context of the Gordon program on NANDA and Marjory Gordon's Functional Patterns of Health."


While it wasn't her first time in Boston (she already made another stay in 2016), being able to travel to Massachusetts from June through August has been thanks to the scholarship from mobility international for academic staff offered by the University of Navarra "from there, I obtained a fellowship to do research for three months at the Marjory Gordon Progam". This is an initiative led by Dr. Dorothy Jones (professor of nursing at the Connell School of Nursing at Boston College) and by association NANDA International, which works on standardized nursing languages: "At partnership with experts of international relevance," says Choperena, "the development of knowledge in nursing is promoted through scientific meetings and programs at training that encourage nurses to dialogue and increase their knowledge on topics such as people's response to health and disease processes, clinical reasoning, decision making and clinical judgment.

A stay that has allowed her to receive a specializedtraining in the context of the Gordon program on NANDA and Marjory Gordon's Functional Patterns of Health, "my main goal has been to delimit from a disciplinary and integrative approach the training project that we offer in the School of Nursing of the University of Navarra through our programs of training (Degree and postgraduate program). The project of which the vice dean of students of the School speaks began in the academic year 2020/2021 and is part of one of the strategic guidelines of the School.

"Being able to work for three months intensively with my teacher Dr. Jones is always a great privilege for me" he concludes, "her wisdom and generosity are an example and inspiration for all the professors at School. Boston is a very pleasant, academic, intellectual city, which facilitates the contact with many cutting-edge researchers who are working both at Boston College, as well as in other universities or centers of research (Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).


Begoña Errasti - University of Alberta (Canada)

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"I have continued work on a research started during my 2019 stay in which I address the phenomenon of goodbye (The goodbye)."


"I have stayed at the John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre of the University of Alberta"Errasti begins. This is his third stay in Canada: "The goal was to carry out a phenomenological research entitled Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Healthcare Providers' Experiences of Fulfillment and Meaning in Clinical Practice under the supervision of Dr. Michael van Manen and the partnership of the Dr. Gillian Lemermeyer". The purpose of the aforementioned project is to explore the experiences of realization and meaning that health professionals working in neonatology experience on a daily basis: "I have continued working on a research started during my stay in 2019 in which I address the phenomenon of goodbye (The goodbye)". As an incentive, the preliminary results of this research were presented at the 39th Annual International Human Science Research Conference which was held in New York from June 12 to 16, 2022.

"It has been an intense three months in which, in addition to working on the research I have gone to do, I have continued to respond to my University teaching obligations" concludes Errasti, "I have had the opportunity to continue working on some research projects together with Dr. Donna Wilson, Professor of Nursing at School Nursing at the University of Alberta with whom I did my first stay in 2018."


Maider Belintxon - University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

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"I have worked on one of the first tools that exists to measure the happiness and subjective well-being of children from the age of 4 to 11 years old."


"My day to day life was a cultural and academic immersion, a continuous learning and benefiting. The city of Cambridge has a special charm, every street, every nook and cranny every college are full of history. It is a city that smells of science" begins Maider, director of department of Community and Maternal and Child Nursing, "I have been to the department of psychiatry. Specifically with Professor Tamsin Ford and his team of research Child and Adolescent Resilience and Mental Health (ChARm)". The project carried out during his stay, is part of a project of the group of research EASH on the promotion of the assets of development: "Specifically during this time I have adapted cross-culturally and validated an tool that measures how children feel in the high school. It is one of the first tools that exists to measure the happiness and subjective well-being of children from the age of 4 to 11 years". Generally, the existing scales have been tested on children older than 7 years and outside the school context. Although happiness is one of the first emotions recognized by children and can be expressed as early as age 4, most of the programs of study focus on making children happy and not so much on how to make them happy.

"A very revealing fact is that, despite the number of hours children spend at high school there is still a lot of research to be done in order to identify how to promote and strengthen those resources that make children feel good at high school. It is a priority that school contexts have greater prominence and that the impact they have on the child's development at all levels of the person is valued". And he concludes: "It has been an academic, cultural and vital challenge , like every stay I have made so far. The feeling of being in a new city, immersed in a new culture, with another language always has a special halo and has been very attractive to me. I believe that having to interact and adapt to new academic, cultural and social contexts helps you financial aid to know yourself at all levels, staff and professionally, and financial aid to be a better citizen in a globalized world and for a global society".


Maddi Olano - University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

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"Thanks to this stay in Sweden we are going to start with a multicenter study and multidisciplinary that we will lead researchers from the School Nursing"


This is his second postdoctoral stay, specifically in the Gothenburg Centre for Person-Centred Care of the University of Gothenburg (Sweden): "It is one of the leading international research centers in the field of person-centered care for people with chronic conditions. It consists of more than 100 national and international multidisciplinary researchers".

During this stay "I have mainly advanced in the design of a project of research in which we are going to carry out a randomized controlled essay to evaluate the effect of a person-centered care intervention in people with chronic heart failure, especially with regard to its social dimension", explains Olano. This is an innovative project in Spain and also at the international level. To develop it here, "we are going to start with a multicenter study and multidisciplinary which will be led by researchers from School".

But she has not only been involved in her project, "I have had the opportunity to learn first-hand about other projects in which this group is researching and I have begun to collaborate with them in several of them". In fact, thanks to this partnership, Professor Axel Wolf, mentor of the researcher, will spend a stay in our School between March and June 2023, thus further enhancing our lines of partnership. And she also had time for teaching: "I gave several lectures to the students of Master's Degree in cardiology and internal medicine, as well as a general session for all students Master's Degree. It was very enriching for me, as in Sweden many Master's Degree students have extensive professional experience, so I was able to learn from them as well."


María Lavilla - University of Stirling (United Kingdom)

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"My project has been to evaluate the effectiveness of a brief motivational intervention delivered by a nursing student to reduce alcohol consumption in young college students."


Not long ago Maria finished her programs of study in nursing, both Degree and Master's Degree. And for the past 3 years she has been fully immersed in her doctoral thesis , entitled Effectiveness of a peer-led program to prevent alcohol use in college students: essay Randomized Clinical Trialproject consists of to evaluate the effectiveness of a brief motivational intervention delivered by a nursing student to reduce alcohol consumption in college youths". A well-structured project in time, because, after conducting a literature review to evaluate the evidence available on peer-led preventive interventions in the first year of thesis , and piloting and evaluating the training of nursing students who will perform the preventive intervention in the second year: "Now the Randomized Clinical essay is going to be performed in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention proposal".

When asked what it has been like to adapt to a new city, he replies: "The completion of this pre-doctoral stay at the University of Stirling (Scotland) has had a positive impact on my academic, professional and even development staff , and has also allowed me to advance in my research. Adapting to a new city has been one of the challenges I have faced; however, thanks to Dr. Maria Fotopolou, the professor who has hosted me during the stay and the friends I have been able to make have made this task much easier. The cultural and gastronomic differences of the city have been an enrichment for me. In addition, I take with me great friendships and experiences that I hope to keep.


Online stays

Aplicaciones anidadas


Since the COVID pandemic began in 2020, some professors have been forced to readapt their stays, as many universities opted to lengthen the online format of teaching and research. This is the case of Idoia Pardavilawho was from April 2021 to January 2022 "connected" to the King's College London: "In particular, I was in the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Careone of the world's leading institutions of research and teaching ". Among its objectives were the "work with experts on smoking, alcohol and cannabis and their co-use to acquire an international view of this area of knowledge to enhance the teaching provided at subject of Addictions.of the new Diploma of Psychology of Care of the School and create networks. Also design a project of research, within the framework of the classroom Healthy , in order to design and test the effectiveness of an intervention that addresses tobacco and cannabis cessation and prevention."

Also, Hildegart González is making its online stay in the Center for Health Policy and average Engagement of the George Washington University "thanks to the Fellowship in Health Policy and average with the rank of Senior Fellow that I have been granted for the 2021-22 academic year and that I have been extended for a further academic year ". The Center was created to achieve one of the pillars of mission statement of the School George Washington NursingThe research and teaching , giving nursing a voice in health care debates, while incorporating policy into curricula and advocating for patients at all levels, "is globally recognized as one of the most prestigious international institutions in my field of study," says professor.

About its project The nursing sector in average and Social average: knowledge, uses, expectations, attitudes, risks and opportunities, aims to design a suitable and effective training in which nursing students and care nurses, managers, researchers and teachers acquire the appropriate skills to make effective use of their presence in traditional media and social networks: "The training that we are designing has as main objectives that they become qualified information sources for journalists; that they are able to promote health with their interventions in traditional media and social networks; that they improve the image of the profession; that they carry out lobbying actions that manage to modify the legislations that regulate the health system; and that they disseminate the advances that the research nurse is achieving."