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Boarding students

School of Nursing



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Who can be student intern?

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Student Interns are third and fourth year students who join a department to participate in its tasks, carrying out tasks compatible with their dedication to their studies, which contribute to their scientific and professional training . These activities may include participation in seminars, support tasks for teaching or research, etc.


partnership jobs that can be carried out by an internal student :

Student Interns participate in the activities carried out in the department and can collaborate in support tasks to teaching, to research and to training in relation to nursing leadership. In each case, it will be the professor/Tutor who will determine with the student how and when he/she will develop his/her work of partnership.

The maximum dedication will be five hours a week during the academic year (excluding vacation and exam periods).

The student Intern will participate in a training program designed exclusively for the partnership professor at School Nursing.

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Aplicaciones anidadas

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3rd and 4th year students who belong to Diploma in Leadership, research and teaching.



It is not possible to be an "internalstudent " of several Departments at the same time. The status of "student internal" is understood to be granted for the academic year in which it is granted.

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Those who have been "Alumni Interns" of a department the previous year have preference to renew their appointment and do not have to justify any merit. If they wish to transfer to another department, their application will follow the rules established for first-time applicants.



Students who plan to carry out an internship program during the exchange during the academic year will not be eligible for the Student Internship Program.

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Process of application

The process of application and admission of boarding students is guide by the same process and deadlines as for admission to Diploma in Leadership, research and teaching.