Argument of design and fifth way of St. Thomas

Argument of design and fifth way of St. Thomas: small similarities and big differences
seminar from group Science, Reason and Faith.
Alberto Barbés. Pamplona, October 17, 2023

Alberto Barbés studied Physics at the University of Valladolid, where he graduated in 1996 with a degree in Fundamental Physics specialization program . In the following years he did research on plasmas at the department of Applied Physics III of the University of Valladolid. In 1999 he moved to Pamplona where he studied theology at programs of study . In 2001 he continued these programs of study in Rome where he received his doctorate. In 2011 he received priestly ordination and moved to Madrid where he currently resides. He is chaplain of the high school Mayor Moncloa, Deputy Director of the GICF (group Interdisciplinary Science and Faith, and, for the past four years, has been running a blog on science and faith:

It is relatively frequent, even in the scientific literature, that an identification is made between the so-called argument of design and the fifth way of St. Thomas. However, a careful reading of both reasoning sample tells us that there are enormous differences between them. It is true that both start from the order present in nature, but in each case it is a question of a class of a different order. In the same way, the two arguments differ in the subject of purpose on which they are based, in the resource to the principle of causality and, also, in the conclusion to which they arrive. Such differences allow us to say that the arguments are not at all comparable and can even be seen as opposites.