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The problematic neutrality of the scientific method

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The problematic neutrality of the scientific method

seminar room of group Science, Reason and Faith.
David Alcalde. Pamplona, 12 December 2019


David Alcalde Morales is a lecturer at high school of Philosophy Edith Stein and high school of Lumen Gentium Theology. Both are teaching institutions of the Archdiocese of Granada. He obtained his doctorate at Sacred Theology, specialization program Marriage and Family, at the Pontifical high school John Paul II for programs of study on Marriage and the Family, Washington, D.C., in 2017. He has been a diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of Granada since 2008. Previously, he obtained the doctorate in Physical Sciences, specialization program Astrophysics, from the University of La Laguna in 2002. He has extensive experience in research astrophysics and his field of interest is the relationship between theology, metaphysics and science, as demonstrated in his recently published book(Cosmology Without God?: The Problematic Theology Inherent in Modern Cosmology). 


An almost unanimous budget among participants in the dialogue between faith and science is the existence of a scientific method that is neutral with respect to metaphysics and theology. In other words, it is assumed that the scientific method is alien to metaphysical and theological considerations. However, the acceptance of the neutrality of the scientific method entails a number of faulty metaphysical and theological presuppositions. Foremost among these presuppositions is the indifference of nature to God. This implies that God can only relate extrinsically to nature. Theological extrinsicism is problematic because it falsifies and reduces the idea of God and nature. These deficient ideas of God and nature are often implicitly assumed by many participants in the dialogue between faith and science and prevent a real speech between science and theology. If the dialogue between faith and science is to be fruitful, it is absolutely necessary to affirm the inevitable relationship of nature to God and thus the intrinsic relationship of science and theology.