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Parking spaces available
  • CUN Madrid Employees 148
  • Alumni Madrid 0


Car parks


The ALumni building has car park for students, employees and visitors.

Teachers and other professionals are offered the possibility of parking their vehicle on site or a subsidised transport pass.

Students will be able to access car park, depending on the availability of places at availability .

There is the possibility of reserve places for visits (issue limited). See section "Special reservations".

Both students and professionals who wish to use car park must register their vehicle, indicating their details and those of the vehicle. This registration allows parking at the Madrid Campus and in the different car parks at the Pamplona Campus.

It is a rotational car park , where vehicles cannot be parked overnight.

The parking policy of the Madrid headquarters sets out the rules for the use of the car parks.

Employees can register 4 vehicles. Students can register 2 vehicles.


Parking spaces for employees:

  • CUN Madrid (conditioned)
  • Alumni (conditional)

Student car parks:

  • Alumni

Visitor parking:

  • Alumni


  • Available at linkon the top right (schedule).

Users of the restricted parking areas are University faculty, staff and students.

In order for a Username to have access to these areas with a vehicle, it must have been registered beforehand.

The registration shall be effective as long as Username does not lose this status. Likewise, Username undertakes to send the vehicle to leave in the event that the vehicle is transferred, ceases to be used or, in general, loses its owner's authorisation to use it.

reservation The Space Management Office shall have the right to cancel the registration of any vehicle and shall duly notify Username.

Employees may have up to four vehicles registered. Students may have up to two vehicles registered.

If you have any questions about this topic, please contact contact

  1. The parking lots are to facilitate the work and attendance to class, so they must be used at schedule and professor. Vehicles are not allowed to stay overnight in the parking lots.
  2. If the vehicle hits another vehicle, barriers, bollards, lampposts and other street furniture, an email should be sent to indicating the damage caused and datafrom contact. The incident will be analysed in order for the corresponding insurance company to repair the damage caused to the vehicle, or in the event that the safety installations (barriers and bollards) have not malfunctioned, for the repair of the University's installations and furniture.

Order and security are for the good of all, even if this means complying with rules and establishing sanctions in the event of inappropriate behaviour.

The penalty consists of the withdrawal of the parking permit for 15 days.

In all cases Space Management Office sends an email to Username indicating the reason for the sanction and the start and end date of the sanction.

Sanctionable conduct includes the following:

  1. Leave the vehicle DE employee OR student parked, in the rest of the car parks, outside the working schedule . These are car parks to facilitate work and attendance to class. An e-mail will be sent on the first day and the second consecutive night or four alternate nights in a academic year, is sanctioned.
  2. Parking in spaces outside the existing spaces, or parking in reserved spaces "R", without having reservation. The first time a notice will be sent, and if the status is repeated, the corresponding sanction will be applied directly.
  3. Repeated forgetting of the cardaccess. By accessing a car parkwithout cardfive times within a period of 60 days, you will receive a notice. 
  4. Parking in spaces reserved for people with disabilities, with horizontal and vertical signs. Direct sanction.
  5. Leaving the university card to another person to gain access to a building or car park of restricted use. Direct sanction.
  6. Disregarding the instructions of the security guard. Direct sanction.
  7. Other situations: Causing damage to vehicles, bollards, barriers, etc, and not giving notice to Space Management Office or Campus Security. Speeding, going in the wrong direction, going off-road, not respecting traffic signs, etc. Direct sanction

The Space Management Office, thanks that if for any reason the vehicle must remain overnight (medical emergency, etc...) please send an email to or call 948 174448 indicating the reasons.

Any suggestions for improvement are welcome at subject and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Reserved places

In theALUMNI subway car park there are places reserved for:

  • Visit
  • Courts of thesis
  • Organisation of congresses
  • For pregnant women, to facilitate medical consultations and return to work space.

As rule, no reservations will be made for employees, teachers or students. Except in the cases mentioned above.


To make a reservation, you must send an e-mail to:, with the following data:

Name and surname -

reason for the visit -

make, model and enrollment of the vehicle -

Once the reservation is confirmed, you will be informed by e-mail to applicant.

Whenever you are going to use a place reserved through the application and for a correct operation of the system, you must call the intercom of the car park corresponding to both the entrance and the exit.


Places for people with disabilities

If card is available for people with disabilities, they may park in the areas designated for this purpose.

Likewise, in the event of special needs due to temporary disabilities , contact should be sent to Director of management de Espacios to study the case and facilitate temporary parking in these spaces. It will be necessary to have a report from the area doctor of the Prevention and Health Service indicating the subject need and its duration.


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