Study spaces at AMIGOS

You can check the availability of the study/study spaceswork in the Amigos building at the following link.

Classroom location plans

The location of the classrooms, in different buildings of Campus of the University, can be consulted at the following address link.

reservation of seminars.

In some buildings (Amigos, FCOM, and Arquitectura) there is the possibility of reserve seminars for work in group, through a QR code located in the entrance of the buildings.

To reserve a seminar scan with your mobile the QR code.    QR codes: what are they, associated risks and safety tips?

Rules of use:

  • Reservations may be made up to 48 hours in advance.

  • 1 active reservation is allowed per Username.

  • The maximum duration of an activity is 3 hours.

  • Seminars are for academic use only.  

  • They are not for individual use. They are to be used for work as a team.

  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in the seminars.

  • From the administrative office they can deny the reservation if they detect any misuse of the system.

  • It is recommended to respect the capacity established in each seminar.

Lockers for daily use.

There are lockers in some buildings for daily use. for daily use. The operation is very simple, and all you are asked to do is to abide by the rules rules of use

so that we can all have storage space when needed.


Electric bicycles.

In the area of Humanities (next to Amigos Building), there is an electric bicycle rental point using a mobile APP (Ride On).

For the science area there are two points nearby, one next to high school Larraona, and the other next to the "Principe de Viana" consultation building of the Navarra Health Service.