De interés para el estudiante

Of interest to the student



The document entitled operational different aspects of the Campus of San Sebastian, such as card management, sports center reservations, txoco reservations, etc. are included.

Bus lines to Campus of Ibaeta

Stop at Avenida Tolosa 112, of the following D-BUS lines: 5, 25, 27, 35, 40, 43, 45, BU03, BU05, BU07, BU08, BU41G.

Bus lines to Campus of Miramón

Stop at Pº Mikeletegui-Miramón, of the following D-BUS lines: 17 and 28.

Lockers for daily use:

Lockers are available in some buildings for daily use.

The operation is very simple, and all that is required is that you follow the rules of the rules so that we can all have a space to store things when necessary.

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