Lost property



Valuables found at campus are sent directly to the control centre at Central Building. If the objects are located inside the building, they are stored for 24-48 hours at the reception of that building and then sent to the control centre.

These objects are always accompanied by a record of the person who finds them, the porter who receives them and the guard who keeps them.

After the 9-monthdeadline and for the following three months, the person who found the object of value can check at the control centre whether it has been handed over to its owner. If it has not, the object may be removed, as the object becomes the property of the person who found it.

After 12 months from their registration, if they are not claimed, they will be donated to Tantaka.

Textile garments

Any used clothing or footwear found in the sports facilities or in another building will be kept for a maximum of 3 months at reception of the building where it was found.

For hygienic reasons, after this time, if they have not been reclaimed , they will be disposed of as waste.

Other objects

Items of lesser value include: calculators, books, keys, etc.

These objects will be kept for 6 months at reception of the building where they were found. After this period, if they are not claimed, they will be donated to Tantaka, or disposed of as waste.

University cards: an email will be sent to the holder and if it is not collected within 7 days, the card will be sent by internal mail to the team leader, to proceed to its cancellation. 

Cards from credit : will be kept for 7 days and if they are not claimed, they will be sent to the team leader by internal mail for destruction.

All cards from any subject (libraries, citizens, public transport, etc.) will be processed in the same way as university or bank cards.